February 4, 2023


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300 workers laid off after crane overturns – NRK Trøndelag

The accident took place on Friday morning. The 60-metre crane overturned on Melhustorget in Trendalok. A 50-year-old woman from Trondheim died.

The accident left the building without electricity, heat, water and ventilation.

On Monday, all employees at the shopping center were found to be out of work.

Now we know absolutely nothing. We are not allowed to enter the building, it is related to security reasons. “We don’t know the extent of the damage to the structure,” he said Media communication In Center Management, Don M. NRK to Truskowski.

More than 300 employees in more than 20 stores have been laid off. Employees at the chain’s stores are being recruited to other stores in the area, the center manager says.

Doan M. Traskowski says many people now experience an uncertain future in terms of their workplace.

Photo: Morton Anderson / NRK

Watch the video of the crane overturning

Police forensic technicians and the Norwegian Labor Inspectorate conducted new investigations at the site on Monday.

– This is a serious and comprehensive matter, and the police are in close contact with the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority as an expert body. Given the scope of the case, it will take time to clarify any criminal circumstances.

This is what prosecutor Karin Hvidsten Roven at the Trøndelag Police District says.

Part of the inquiry is the condition of the crane and how regulations surrounding its use were followed.

No charges have yet been filed in the case, and police say they have no word on a motive.

They are said to have received a recording of the crane fall, but this has not been made public.

Melhustorget after the crane overturned.

This is what Melhus city center looks like after a 60-metre-high crane fell onto the roof of a shopping center on Friday morning.

Photo: Morton Anderson / NRK

Closed indefinitely

The Mayor of Melhus Municipality, Jorid Jagtoen, says that the center of Melhus has changed forever.

The shopping center has been a meeting place for locals.

It’s Monday and we’re looking at the facts. Many people have lost their jobs, and we have lost the goods and services we were used to. It affects us, says the mayor.

The area is currently a construction site, resulting in a new look “Melhustorget”. It looks like the old building will be demolished in a few years.

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