Solveig Levine (108) passed away

Solveig Levine (108) passed away

He will be buried on what would have been his 109th birthday, his daughter Mona Levin wrote on Facebook Tuesday evening.

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“Solveke Levin fell asleep on December 24th and will be buried on December 29th, his 109th birthday,” daughter Mona Levin (84) writes on Facebook.

The daughter of an award-winning journalist, author and theater critic knows how to make VG death news.

“She has passed time, but not from memory – never from the memory of her family and friends. She was ready at last, kept her humor and bright mind, but, as she said: “There is no more life”, writes Mona Levine.

Grandson Joachim Lewin writes on Facebook that Grandma passed away peacefully on Christmas Eve.

– Sharp in the head till the end, always curious and connected with those around him, a generous warmth in the heart but direct in his speech. At least we got 20 bonus years and will miss her dearly.

She writes to VG that her two sons, Solveig Levin's great-grandsons, are the only people they know of her who, to be completely honest, can only have fun, and that she's always “serious” and stands up for anything. she says.

– Both of them had a close relationship with her since childhood.

Escaped from the Germans

The 108-year-old who died was Solveig Margaret Bernstein, who changed her last name to Levin before she married. He grew up in St. Hanshaugen in Oslo.

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His grandparents were tobacco workers Came to Norway from Lithuania In the 1880s. Over time, they ran a large business in Grünerløkka.

Her husband, the late pianist and composer Robert Levin (1912-1996), was one of the great national figures at NRK after World War II.

The couple had two daughters: journalist and writer Mona (84) and music educator Sitchel Levine (79).

In a major VG interview in 2017, the then 102-year-old Solveig Levin recounted his dramatic escape to Sweden in 1942.

He ran with his daughter Mona Lev in his arms and the Germans at her heels.

– I remember everything in detail, but I burst into tears very easily, Solveig Levin told VG.

Drama career: Solveig Levin belongs to the national minority of Norwegian Jews and had to leave for his life during World War II.

Chose Norway

In the book “Morse's History” (2015), daughter Mona Levine describes how a protester searched for her mother on the day the Jews were deported. And so the family left.

Back in Norway, some Norwegian Jews who survived World War II thought of starting a new life in Israel. This is not the case for the Levin family from Frogner in Oslo.

Norwegian Jews are one of the five national minorities in Norway. Others are Quens, Forest Finners, Roma and Romani. Additionally, Norway has an indigenous people called the Sami.

– We know a couple of families who have moved, but for us it was never a thought to be given to the idea. We are Jews, but we are Norwegians and Norway is our motherland. “It's one thing to support Israel, but we don't want to go there,” Solveig Levin said.

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Anxious joy

When the UN decided in 1947 that Palestine should be partitioned into an Arab Palestinian state and a Jewish state, sharing responsibility for the economy and Jerusalem, Solveig Levin was relieved.

But she also felt fear, she told VG at 102:

– All I remember from that day was a wonderful joy and immense relief. At the same time, we were curious about what would happen next on this happy day.

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