Ola Svenneby, Asylum Policy | Svenneby is right

Ola Svenneby, Asylum Policy |  Svenneby is right

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(Northern Norway Debate): This caused reactions in an interview with Ola Svenneby, the leader of Unge Høir. Pinposton A week ago, he says that we see clear examples of the fact that we have unresolved fundamental problems with integration in Norway.

He notes developments in Sweden and France, and fears Norway may be moving in the same direction.

Sweeney is absolutely right when he points out the fear of touch and carelessness in meeting cultures that are obvious challenges in our country.

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The leader of Unge Høyre believes that when the culture minister and the school council defend those who refuse to shake hands with women, it sends the wrong signals, and downplays it as personal preference.

Svenniby has been receiving a lot of criticism from centrist voices in the Labor Party. It’s funny, they should learn from him rather than criticize. Unlike those in the Labor Party who attack him, Svenneby stands for social democratic politics.

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Svenniby’s message is about what it takes to bring us together to maintain community and equality.

Historian of ideas Tarjei Skirbekk has shown in his book “De moderate folkepartienes fall” that Europe’s two largest party groups that set the tone for liberal democracy are now disappearing.

In France, the Social Democratic Party won 1.74 percent of the vote in last year’s presidential election, five years after coming to power. It shows that policies that are not in the perspective of the population can have brutal consequences.

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Big parties that are unable to capture popular agitation and shape new policies reinforce fundamental polarization and weaken the stability of society.

Immigration policy is an example. But correcting the policy can build confidence. This cannot explain Mette Frederiksen’s success with his ability to create broad compromises in Denmark.

Many people think Svenneby is brave. It’s the wrong word for something obvious. On the other hand, he is honest. And Høyre and Erna Solberg can be content to have him in their ranks.

Responding to people’s concerns about crime, immigration and integration is critical to maintaining a broad coalition of voters.

Svenneby has done a service to both the Conservative Party and public debate. Voters often agree with him not because he says something, but because he points to the causes and solutions to problems.

Excellence in integration is associated with speed of settlement.

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