Old photos of the “Love Island” star shocked Facebook

Old photos of the "Love Island" star shocked Facebook

This year’s season of viewer-favourite Love Island UK is in full swing, and the show has already offered snappy surprises and tough choices – of course there’s no shortage of drama as it is known.

Each year, viewers from all over the world sit glued to their TV screens, and they all see new entrants making their way through the competition and their teammates – and then escaping with both the love of their life and the massive cash prize.

Among the participants this year who have made themselves more prominent is Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu (27 years old), who usually works as an actor and has appeared in Turkish soap operas.

But also on a private level, Cülcüloğlu went by other names. by number British media The 27-year-old was known as Susie Hazel among friends and fellow students.

Old photos of the star have now appeared under her old nickname, which show her before she lay under the knife. Many viewers are now reacting to the fact that she is unrecognizable on TV.

Went under a different name

When Cülcüloğlu named Susie Hayzel, she studied at Preston University. Among students, she was best known for her dream of being famous and for her thick Essex accent.

There she always went to acting studies – and on the other hand she took part in many competitions, including Miss World, Miss Ireland and Miss Central London. So it was not a shock when friends and acquaintances saw her arriving at the villa after a date with another new participant with her.

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Now many old photos have appeared, and many have reacted to the fact that Cülcüloğlu is unrecognizable in the photos. In many photos, she wore a colorful bikini, ribbons and high heels – now many viewers are going to the comment fields to compare before and after photos of the reality star.

– Plastic surgery and fillers remove everything that makes your face special, writes one viewer reddit.

There, the channel “Island of Love” is used as a meeting place for viewers from all over the world – where they discuss each of the participants and all the drama that takes place inside the villa.

Fillers on the lips, sides of the scallop, silicone in the breast, nose surgery, and possibly fillers in the cheeks, as other viewers speculate.

However, many still praise the “Love Island” profile. Both because she is open about her operations and her beauty.

Beautiful before and beautiful after, someone writes.

Posts on Instagram

All heads turned as the reality star entered the villa, and suddenly many of the boys doubted the pairs they were inside – when the former beauty queen came close to the corner.

Külklöglu now reveals that she underwent several treatments before making her debut at a villa this year in Mallorca, this time to viewers in large parts of the world.

On his Instagram profile Tweet embed She has already gained over half a million followers, and has been open about all the operations she has had.

In addition, she answered many questions from fans who want to do the exact same thing. On her profile, she has her own highlight dedicated to this, under the name “Surgery Journey”.

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At its peak, it had a round of questions where fans could ask questions about the operation, relating to everything from the implants the clinic uses — to whether you’re allowed to bring someone into the operating room.

I got a ‘natural’ transformation

A surgeon recently posted photos and videos of Cülcüloğlu, who underwent a final treatment before setting foot in a villa this year. There he showed a before and after picture, which showed, among other things, that she was stuffed into her cheeks, under her eyes, and her jawline.

– Ekin-Su came to me to get ready before I entered the villa. We’ve decided to add small changes, but we’re still keeping things normal, wrote Dr. Roach, who also added arrows to show where he fixed her face.

The photos show the reality star before and after the treatment, which shows Cülcüloğlu with plumper cheeks, a sharper jaw and smaller marks under the eyes.

In addition, the star posted on Instagram that she went to a clinic in Turkey and, among other things, had her breasts enlarged and got sides of veneers on her teeth – in the same clinic with several major Norwegian influencers.

However, the actress has remained open for a long time as she underwent a number of procedures before sharing ‘Love Island’.

– Of course, I will update you regularly before and after the operation. The real-life participant stated on his Instagram story regarding one operation, I will always be honest about my experience.

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