Olivia Wilde: People just want drama

Olivia Wilde: People just want drama

Earlier this month, “Don’t Worry Baby” was shown worldwide, and more Scandals surrounding the movie He has already created countless headlines in the media.

A video of fellow actor Chris Pine (42) went viral, after many believed Harry Styles (28) had spat on the former before the movie was released. Payne’s representatives confessed Quick to deny rumors.

Now film director Olivia Wilde is putting an end to the spitting rumors, once and for all. writes, among other things W magazine.

Disagree: Shia LaBeouf and Olivia Wilde have different opinions about why the first didn’t appear in Wilde’s Don’t Worry Baby. Wilde previously claimed to have fired LaBeouf from the film. Video: Instagram / @problematicfame. Reporter: Elias Cr. Saturn Petersen

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On Wednesday evening, Wilde was a guest on the talk show “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” There she defended her boyfriend, Harry Styles, after allegations abounded that he spat on Pine.

During the episode, Colbert may have asked her what many still wonder – whether or not Styles actually spat on pine nuts.

– I think this is a great example of people who want to create drama wherever they can. Harry didn’t spit on Chris, actually. She says he didn’t really do that!

Premiere: The actors gathered on the red carpet for the movie premiere

Premiere: The actors gathered on the red carpet for the “Don’t Worry Darling” premiere. Photo: Guglielmo Mangiapane / Reuters / NTB
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She completes:

– People can watch a video that shows evidence that one person is not spitting on another person and they will still see what they want to see. And this is the invention of the drama – this is the catching of clicks.

Although both Wilde and Pine have now dropped the rumors, fans were still convinced they saw spit leave Styles’ mouth, according to Sixth page. Payne’s representatives stated:

– That’s a silly story. It is a complete fabrication that is the result of a strange illusion on the Internet that is clearly misleading and provides an opportunity for foolish speculation, as the actor says and confirms:

“do not worry my love”: Harry Styles and Florence Pugh film several scenes in this new movie.
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– To be perfectly clear, Harry Styles didn’t spit on Chris Pine.

Payne’s representatives further said that there is a good atmosphere among the stars.

There is only respect between these two men, and the suggestions for anything else is an apparent attempt to create a drama about something that simply does not exist.

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