One arrested – Viji

One arrested – Viji

Police have arrested a man who opened fire in Bryceng (Viji) Oslo. A man in his 20s is serious, but has no life-threatening injuries.


Roy Giri. Anderson (video)



One person has been arrested following a shooting incident in Brஸnseng, Oslo, on Monday night, which has confirmed to Ert Stenerson VG, a crime watchdog in the Oslo police district.

– We can not deny that more people are involved, but he tells Viji that we are not looking for more than those currently arrested.

The police did not want to say anything more about the arrested person or whether there was a relationship between the arrested person and the victim.

Police cordoned off a large area of ​​a subway station in Brன்சncheng, Oslo, following the shooting death of a 20-year-old man on Monday night.

According to the police chief of the incident on Monday night, the victim’s condition is bad, but not dangerous.

“The victims were shot in the abdomen,” Operations Manager Brian Scott said Monday.

From night to Tuesday, crime leader Arild Stenersen told NTB they were looking for the person named. He did not want to go into details about the background of the police looking for this person.

– Has the named person been arrested?

– Yes, that’s right, Stenerson tells Viji.

According to police, they have no information about the course of events or the background to the shooting. They interrogate witnesses at the scene and protect the images from surveillance cameras.

– We have secured multiple tracks on the site and can move forward in this case, says Scottnes.

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One person was arrested and questioned Monday. He was dropped from the case.

Not a random solution

Witnesses at the scene told VG that police were searching through the subway car before the passengers were allowed to come out.

– Should there be reason for people in Oslo to worry?

– We have no reason to believe that this is a random solution, says Scottnes.

The tunnel passed the traffic station and stopped for a long time, but runs again at 22.20.

He says they have many hypotheses about the relationship between the victim and the perpetrator (s), but will not elaborate on these. Police have a unit at the hospital and hope to talk to the victim eventually.

According to police, the victim was with someone else and hopes to talk to them.

Police say there is good camera coverage at the location near the tunnel and they are working to see the pictures.

No weapons have been found at the scene so far, police said.

Monica Govenius was standing on stage when the shots fell.

– I didn’t see anything, but heard two shots from here. Then 6-7 young people ran up to the stage and started running across the track, says Govenius.

Witness: Monica Govenius.

She climbed into the tunnel that came immediately after the shooting was over. Three young men climbed into the cart. Cowenius alerted the driver as soon as police arrived.

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– Police took three young men out, but I don’t know if they were arrested, Cowenius says.

He says the hour after the incident was chaotic.

-I think it’s very scary, sorry for it happening all the time in Oslo, says Monica Govenius.

Princeng Station is located east of downtown Oslo between Etterstadt and Diesen and serves four metro lines.

Investigators: Police are investigating a crime at the Brainseng metro station east of Oslo.

Ingrid Raskolson sat in the subway towards Ryan. At about 20.30 the train stopped at Brainseng.

– A man wearing a hoodie came running. At first I thought he would reach the subway, but he turned and ran towards Hellspire. He ran fast and I noticed him. Raskolson says he seemed to want to leave the place.

A young woman tells Viji that she was invited by her sister who witnessed the incident.

– In front of where we were going to eat, she said there were two scenes in Brainseng. She was so scared she told me to come immediately. She sees the culprit walking towards the metro station and the woman tells Viji.

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