One of the most powerful AI computers in the world will be built in Denmark – Teknisk Ukeblad

One of the most powerful AI computers in the world will be built in Denmark – Teknisk Ukeblad

One of the most powerful AI computers in the world will be built in Denmark

Where it will be located is a secret. Who has access to it must be decided by a committee. One of the world's most powerful artificial intelligence machines will now be built in Denmark.

They're calling it the “supercomputer” in Denmark, the machine that will put the Danes on top of the world when it comes to developing artificial intelligence.

Novo Nordisk Fonden and Danmarks Eksport- og Investeringsfond (Eifo) with the American computer company Nvidia have entered into a cooperation to develop the so-called supercomputer.

The price of the machine is approaching one billion Norwegian kroner, and the machine is expected to be among the most powerful artificial intelligence machines in the world. The main goal of the machine will be to solve a number of societal challenges more quickly, for example in medicine and research.

“Pioneering scientific discoveries are data-driven, and AI has given us a unique opportunity to accelerate research into public health and planetary well-being,” says CEO Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen of Novo Nordisk.

Secret location

Novo Nordisk Fonden has created a subsidiary that will own and operate the device. All income will be reinvested in projects for further development.

They are the majority owner, while Eifo is a minority owner with 15% of the shares.

Researchers and companies from the public and private sectors will have access to the machine. But first you must be approved by a separate committee that manages access to the powerful machine Danish Radio.

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They wrote that for security reasons, it is not known where the computer will be built.

– Denmark's technological adventure

The project is a big win for Denmark, says business organization Dansk Industri.

– If we want to reap the full benefits of artificial intelligence and quantum technology, it requires super-powered computers, and it requires significant investments. So, this could be the beginning of a technological adventure for Denmark, says Dansk Industri CEO Lars Sandahl Sørensen.

The computer is expected to be ready for the first demo projects by the end of the year.

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