One of them will play Harry Hole in the Netflix series

One of them will play Harry Hole in the Netflix series

But during VG's search for Harry Hole, we obtained information confirming that he is one of these six actors:

Tobias Santelmann, Herbert Nordrum, Pål Sverre Hagen, Jakob Ottebro, Kerry Haugen-Sidnes, and Axel Henie.

With a few other phones, we should be able to narrow it down even more.

But certainly not from series creator Jo Nesbo himself:

“It's quite quiet from here,” he writes in an SMS to VG.

LURT SMIL: Jo Nesbo writes the script himself and is the creator of the series, which currently has the working title “Harry Hole.” Photo: Naina Helen Jama/VG

Let's start by quoting the following from “Marekors” – the book on which the new Netflix series is based:

“Harry leaned one hundred and ninety-two centimeters down and had to take a quick supporting step…”

Harry Jo Nesbo is well known in many of Hall's books as a tall man, over 1.90 metres. In later books, it also increased by a centimeter – referred to as 1.93 metres.

If series creator Nesbø wanted to continue this in the series, we would probably have to leave out the 1.73 meter tall Aksel Hennie.

He did not respond to VG's inquiry. Jacob Otebro and Kerry Haugen-Sydnes also have a much lower average of 1.90 as they are both 1.81 and 1.85 meters tall.

Of these two people, we were only in contact with Haugen Siddence – who did his best to make sure it was not Harry Hole:

– I'm looking forward to seeing the series, there are good people involved, he tells VG.

Then we are left with three names:

Pal Sverre Hagen (43), Tobias Santelmann (43) and Herbert Nordrum (36).

Photo: Halger Vagenis, Niels Bjelland, and Naina Helen Jama

VG contacted all three, but received a response from only one: Pål Sverre Hagen, who revealed it was not him.

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“This role will be taken care of by an incredibly good colleague and I can’t wait to see him,” he writes in an SMS to VG.

We can add the following status information:

Tobias Santelmann's band, The Young Suffering Ensembla, canceled a concert in Sornadal at the end of next May because one of the band members had secured a role in a “major international film,” according to the newspaper. requirements of the era.

“Harry Hole” begins filming next week.

Neither Santelmann nor Nordrum responded to VG.

Perfect Harry? Tobias Santelmann canceled a concert at the end of May… Photo: Heiko Junge/NTB

– Perfect Harry

The few who know are afraid to reveal themselves when VG calls.

Netflix has called itself a press conference next Tuesday where it will reveal who will play the great crime hero Nesbø in the series, which currently falls under the working title “Harry Hole.”

Jo Nesbo's agent and partner Niklas Salomonsson is one of those close to the production:

– No, I can't comment, he first told VG.

Salomonsson has been working with Jo Nesbo since 2005 – and he loves Harry Hole so much that he applied to the Swedish Population Register to take the middle name Harry.

However, Niklas Harry Salomonsson decided to say one thing:

– I can say that the Harry we found is exactly the Harry I've been carrying in my head for 20 years. It's absolutely perfect.

– But what kind of Harry have you been imagining for 20 years?

– Hey, I can't say anything more. I just think people will be happy with this choice.

This is how former VG illustrator Harald Nygaard drew Harry Hole – based on his description in the books. Photo: Harald Nygaard

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When VG asked if this was some sort of recovery after the fizzle of “Snømannen” – where both Nesbø and Salomonsson were listed as producers for a long time – he had this to say:

– That would be Gus Harry Hole. It's all Harry has. I think it would be interesting for his readers to see a film adaptation of it. Joe wrote the script himself, and I feel the same way about his books as I do. Salomonson says the script is exceptionally good.

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Nora Campbell, editor and publishing director at Jo Nesbo in Ashugh, is also tight-lipped:

-You won't get anything from me, you say.

But as Nesbo's editor for many years, she nonetheless has an idea of ​​what Harry should look like:

-Harry Hole 193 cm Tall and blond, but how he appears to my inner eye varies greatly depending on where we are in Harry's grand narrative, she says, adding:

– Harry wearing a beige suit in the opening of “Gjenferd” is in a completely different place than the drowning man waking up on the floor in the opening of “Marekors”. DrAfter all, his face became increasingly distinct from the life he lived—and the villains he faced.

– What do you think is important in choosing an actor for this role?

Harry Hole is a man who lived a difficult life. Heavily drunk. I love deeply. Whoever will play this role must exude a great deal of vivid life. And he must have magic. Campbell says anyone with a pulse should fall a little in love with Harry Hole.

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– The audience can enjoy themselves

Jo Nesbø is the showrunner herself for the Netflix series based on the book “Marekors” and has the working title “Harry Hole”. Øystein Carlsen, who among other things had success with “Getting Out,” will direct.

As far as VG knows, this is one of Netflix's biggest projects ever.

– This would be very big, Netflix Nordics PR Director Morten Steingrijmsen tells VG.

As for whoever will play Harry Hole, he is keeping his cards close to his chest:

-It's a well-guarded secret. Harry Hole is one of the greatest and most famous detectives in popular literature – and I can only say this:

– The audience can enjoy themselves.

– Was how Harry Hole is described in the books considered in casting?

– Okay, he says and takes a break before saying.

– Readers will probably just have to wait and see. I think they will be very happy with both Harry and the rest of the cast.

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