Ruter cancels cooperation with Shortcut – E24

Ruter cancels cooperation with Shortcut – E24

The company also requests that Shortcut not use Ruter in marketing.


In April, E24 told Sophie's story.

As an employee at app company Shortcut, she experienced unwanted sexual attention from a manager during a work party in 2019.

Sophie describes the next four years as a struggle to be believed, and she was on sick leave for several periods during the ensuing investigation.

Read the entire case here: Sophie warned – and then the nightmare began

Sophie came forward with her story at E24.

Following this case, public transportation company Router requested a meeting with Shortcut. Now they have decided to end the cooperation. Ruter said they are currently hiring nine Shortcut consultants.

– Ruter and its subsidiary Tet Digital confirm that we have terminated our cooperation with Shortcut. The agreement we had with Shortcut was designed so that we could cancel their services with thirty days' notice, and that's what we've done now, says Endre Sundsdal, general manager of Tet digital.

He also says that they have informed Shortcut that they do not want to use Ruter or Tet Digital in marketing or as a reference in presentations to other players in the market.

The consultants hired at Tet will work there until June.

– Shortcut has a framework agreement with Ruter that expires in the fall. We of course regret that Rutter is now choosing to terminate this agreement and hold the same positions. I would like to stress that the situation at Shortcut today is very different from what was described by the most recent reporting at E24, Shortcut CEO Jonas Tuvesen wrote in an email to E24 on Thursday evening.

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E24 asked Rotter why the agreement was terminated. They do not wish to comment further.

They told E24 last week: “What Sophie said goes against Rutter's values ​​and the Code of Conduct that all our suppliers must consider. It clearly states that unacceptable treatment of employees, including harassment, will not be tolerated.”

Rutter's Code of Conduct states that a breach of the Code of Conduct “constitutes a breach of contract”.

Shortcut has worked with Ruter since it developed Norway's first app Trafikanten in 2007.

Rutter is responsible for large parts of the region's public transport in and around Oslo. Several consultants from Shortcut have been hired by Ruter for many years and have worked on developing the company's app.

On Tuesday last week, Ruter and development department Tet held a digital meeting with Shortcut where they laid out their concerns following an E24 article about Sofie. Ruter operates public transportation in Oslo and Akershus, and Shortcut developed and operates the Ruter app.

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