One was found after rescue operations

One was found after rescue operations

A major rescue operation was launched Sunday after a German man under the age of 40 was found in Arnafjord in Schn.

Prior to 5 p.m., the person was found and rescue operations were completed, according to the Primary Rescue Center (HRS).

– He was found on a boat in Fjord. Rescue leader Børge Galta told HRS on TV 2 that a passenger had seen a boat suitable for describing the boat.

He says the person is safe and on his way home.

Concerned family

The owner of the boat complained to the police about his disappearance.

– He left at 05.45, said Stein Mgelde, operations manager for the Western Police District.

His family was worried as no information was available since he left.

– Based on this information, we contacted HRS. They have dispatched lifeboats and boat resources from the fire.

Rescue helicopters also contributed to the search, Mjelde said.

Tourist: The missing person in Chokn is a German tourist in his late 40s. Photo: Rescue Company

The frightened man on the ship

The operations manager said they worked from multiple theories about what might have happened to the tourists.

– Mjelde said he may have driven ashore, run out of petrol or gone ashore.

She said part of the concern was whether the person had drowned.

– We are afraid that there is a man at sea, but there is no other news about the boat capsizing or a man on the ship.

He insisted that the police confirm that the man had left with the boat.

– If he was still in that boat, now no one would know.

Rescue operation: RS

Rescue operation: RS “Uni Sognefjord” rescue boat contributes to the search for tourists. Photo: Rescue Company

Information received

A police patrol arrived in Arnaford and worked to obtain intelligence.

The police also have contact with relatives.

The HRS reported that the tourist was probably wearing a black masked jacket, blue jeans and round glasses.

The operations manager initially said the man was missing on Framfjord, but as far as she understood it was Arnafjord.

The incident was reported to the police at 13.57.

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