– Only one year left to live

- Only one year left to live

In late March, Ukrainian authorities announced that Russian forces had left Chernobyl and Russia Hand over control of the decommissioned nuclear power plant to the Ukrainians.

Ukrainian authorities later claimed that Russian soldiers may have been exposed to “large amounts” of radiation after digging trenches in a highly radioactive area. Often referred to as the “Red Forest”.

– Information about the trenches dug by racists (Russian fascists, Anm magazine) in the “Red Forest”, the most radiant of the entire exclusion zone, was confirmed. So, it is not surprising that occupiers are exposed to large amounts of radiation and panic at the first sign of disease, claims Ukraine’s state nuclear power company Energoatom.

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Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushenko now claims that the Russian soldiers who dug the trenches have a maximum year to live. Ukrainian writes Ministry of Defense on Twitter.

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– It is the brutal fate and cruel end of the Russian soldiers killed on their order, the ministry wrote.

No documents were submitted for the claim.

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant fell to Russia in February. Ukrainian forces retook control of the nuclear power plant in late March, after Russian forces withdrew from the area north of the capital, Kyiv.

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– All equipment in Chernobyl works. In a statement, the head of the power station, Valerige Seda, said that the control and monitoring of radioactivity is working as usual.

Expert: Unlikely

Edwin Lyman, who heads work on nuclear safety at the Union of Concerned Scientists in Washington, previously stated that it seemed unlikely that a significant number of soldiers had contracted serious radioactive disease, but that it would be impossible to know without further details, according to the News agency.

He told the news agency that contaminated materials may have been buried or covered with soil after the Chernobyl clean-up, and that some soldiers may have been exposed to a “hot spot” of radiation while drilling. He thinks other soldiers may have assumed they too were in danger.

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The “red forest” was previously made up of pine trees, but after the 1986 accident, the forest turned red after absorbing radiation from the explosion, according to The Independent.

The forest is described as dead and too radioactive – and a no-go zone – even for employees at the power plant itself.

– Nobody’s going there… for God’s sake. There is no one there, said Valery Seda, acting director general of the Chernobyl plant, shortly after the Russian invasion on February 24.

Workers in Chernobyl previously mentioned Russian soldiers Lack of anti-radiation equipment in the “Red Forest” is like “suicide”.

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