Apple patent could make old-fashioned wireless headphones

Apple patent could make old-fashioned wireless headphones

The car industry tested neutralizing sound waves to ensure that music from a car stereo could only be heard by select passengers in the passenger compartment – the same principle as in headphones with active noise reduction. Now Apple is working on a similar trick.

A “directional audio wearable” describes a small, portable speaker that can focus sound so that it is not perceived by the surrounding environment. Apple’s patent application is based on packet shaping, a technology used, among other things, to ensure that wireless signals in a router are directed only to networked devices, rather than being sent in all directions. In this case, it is about sounds that are amplified or attenuated, depending on the direction.

In its patent application, Apple uses beamforming so that the speaker’s sound does not disturb the surrounding environment. Illustration: Apple

The idea is that the headset can be attached to clothing, and then it will make wireless headphones unnecessary in public environments. Apple from the inside Compare innovation with Star Trex The continuum, the mark that the crew in the series wears on their uniform.

Like wireless headphones, your Apple device must be able to include microphones.

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