Tesla with new price grip | Letters of News

Tesla with new price grip |  Letters of News

(This article was previously published in Financing Engine).

Tesla is the largest car brand in Norway, but so far this year, registrations have fallen sharply compared to the same period in 2023, according to the Traffic Information Board (OFV).

As of May 19, the American electric car company had registered 6,410 vehicles in Norway – 47 percent fewer than a year ago. May of last year.

Now Tesla in Norway is taking a new price cut.

Performance discount

The biggest price cut this time around is the Tesla Model Y Performance. The most powerful Model Y previously cost NOK 574,121, but the price has now been reduced by NOK 60,458 to NOK 513,663, according to a Tesla press release.

This time around all prices are offered with VAT and taxes, something Tesla hasn't always done – and which has caused confusion in the past.

The second biggest price cut is the performance of the new Tesla Model 3. According to Tesla, it is said to produce over 460 horsepower, and is said to accelerate from 0 to 100 in 3.1 seconds.

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The Model 3 Performance, which was unveiled in April this year, now costs NOK 534,765 compared to NOK 589,765 when it arrived shortly ago. This means a price reduction of NOK 55,000.

Tesla's least expensive car is still the Model 3 Bakhjulsdrift, which previously cost NOK 387,600. Now the price of this has been reduced by NOK 32,000 to NOK 355,600.

Adjusts down – and up

Tesla has become known for its unpredictable prices, which simply don't adjust. Tesla has also adjusted pricing previously, meaning the latest adjustment is unlikely to come as a shock to the rest of the industry.

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Incidentally, Tesla is not the only one that reduced its prices during the day. Several major players like Ford and Hyundai have taken action recently. According to OFV, overall new car sales are down about 15 percent so far this year, with 38,146 cars registered so far.

Tesla has the largest market share at 16.8 percent, while Volkswagen lags somewhat behind at 11.7 percent. Toyota leads the Germans with a market share of 10.2 percent in Norway, but both Volkswagen and Toyota are seeing registrations decline by 21.6 and 31.2 percent, respectively.

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