Opinions: Martin Odegaard: The Visible Leader

Opinions: Martin Odegaard: The Visible Leader

Do you think Martin Odegaard (25) is still the quiet, slightly shy boy we met ten years ago? It no longer exists.

Thank you, captain: Kai Havertz (centre) and Bukayo Saka (centre), respectively, the one who took the penalty against Bournemouth, (Havertz after a pass from Odegaard) and the one who scored on it (Saka), can thank their coach. For many beautiful moments this season. Photography: Paul Childs – Reuters

Arsenal, despite controversial refereeing decisions, put more pressure on Manchester City in their quest to win the English Premier League title with another home win on Saturday. The 'new' Martin Odegaard stood up again as Bournemouth were beaten 3-0.

Do not misunderstand. It is still the same great model. A very professional athlete – and a kind of bridge builder between players, coaches and other staff at Arsenal. A person who treats everyone equally, regardless of role or rank, tells people within and around the team.

As his coach Mikel Arteta so kindly put it: “Everyone loves Martin.” It's easy to understand when you hear people at Arsenal talking about their captain.

Martin Odegaard, like others, has developed and matured with age. In his case; Without a doubt – as a leader.

Many were surprised when Mikel Arteta appointed the drummer as team captain. Ståle Solbakken's promotion was also given to the player in the Norwegian national team. Football coaches have seen something the rest of the public has never seen before – but now we can get involved too.

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In his first months as club captain, Odegaard was the 'invisible leader'. He brings qualities such as a good work ethic, tireless effort and professional appearance on and off the field for the North London club.

And now we've seen so much more. He is the coach's right hand man, on the field.

Martin (25), ten years after entering Norwegian football, is much more outgoing than Martin (15) seemed capable of being.

He is paying South America is toughthe fans' boom, soon disappeared as his teammates were traded In battles with important messages – And Showers with cameras After the battle. Even when interviewed about such matters, the previously reserved boy now answers in a cool, relaxed, and “cool” way.

The coolest thing to see is when he gathers the team in a circle during warm-ups and enthusiastically leads a “pep talk,” while his teammates listen. And they shine. This respect doesn't just come from the coach who gives you the captain's armband. You've got it. It is appropriate to note that there are former Champions League and English Premier League winners among those he speaks to.

He himself is not like that. Until now.

It is easy to point out that Arsenal were inexperienced and young in their Champions League duel with Bayern Munich. That was also the thinking last year when they were competing with Manchester City for the Premier League title, but they gave up before it got really exciting. With an average age of eleven at 25.1 years, they are the fourth youngest team in the Premier League this year as well.

At the same time, the team looks more mature in the title race.

Odegaard's development in many ways symbolizes the path towards what's next for Arsenal. Which is to win one Salim booty. Now there is not a single person in the club who talks about “dealing with things”. Top 4». the He is Stable top team. the He is In the Champions League. The feeling when watching the team matches is that this Arsenal team Wants Get success in a short time…

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Drummancer came early Arteta's tenure as coach Here, it became a symbol of the Spanish revival of the club. Opponents are plowed by High pressure game – Beautiful and fun passing combinations that only a few can stop, and more goals from set pieces than opponents. Ødegaard is the leader behind the lot.

Advanced Playmaker– The role in midfield at Arsenal was important before. Since his success in the early 2000s, many have tried to make it big at the position.

What is the similarity between Samir Nasri, Cesc Fabregas, Thomas Rosicki, Santi Cazorla, Alexis Sanchez And Mesut Ozil?

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In their moments and seasons, they have all shown glimpses of greatness at the club. But they stayed no Champions League or Premier League winners here.

the Can Martin Odegaard stays. This of course is not a coincidence.

The only question is whether Pep Guardiola's well-coached crew can put a toe on the wrong side of the line this year. It seems almost unthinkable.

But Odegaard has become the clear leader of a team that looks like a future winner. That's why Odegaard will lift the trophy soon…

Note: Mesut Ozil is the club's biggest star since Arsene Wenger's tenure Invincibles The last league title was in the 2003-04 season. He is very reminiscent of Martin Odegaard with his left foot and playing style. But there is a big difference? Ozil would always walk straight into the dressing room as an Arsenal player. He received criticism for this. Odegaard wanders the field in every match, whether losing or winning. He thanks everyone who came. And also this Saturday in the Emirates.

At Emirates Stadium, Saturday: Vegard Olstad, for VG. Photo: Vegard Olstad/VG

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