Oslo needs 66 new trams. Now their delivery has been suspended indefinitely.

Oslo needs 66 new trams.  Now their delivery has been suspended indefinitely.

It occurs after the new tram supplier, Spanish CAF, has been notified of the challenges in obtaining tram parts.

Status updated.

Sporfian has so far delivered 21 trams out of 87. This means that Oslo lacks 66 trams.

– The reason for the interruption in deliveries is due to the global shortage of spare parts, as in many industries around the world it is difficult to obtain spare parts, says Anders Wergeland, project manager at Sporveien Trikken.

I don’t know when the new tram will arrive

Sporfian doesn’t know when deliveries of the new trams can start again. There must have been several different parts in the production of the tram missing. Sporveien is now mapping out the situation.

– Since the challenges of spare parts shortages in the global markets became known, Sporveien and CAF had a good dialogue about the challenges that could face us. We’re now working out how long this pause in delivery will last as best we can, Wergeland says.

In the original plan, tram 87 will be in place by the end of 2024. This is still the goal. Spain’s CAF will continue to produce the trams, even if it is not completely completed and sent to Oslo.

However, Sporveien states that it is too early to say anything about the concrete consequences that tram delivery will have in the future.

Works as usual – until now

– At the same time, we are working hard to ensure that we have enough spare parts to maintain the 21 trams we already have in Oslo, Wergeland says.

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So there is a risk that the new trams cannot be repaired if something happens to them.

– Initially, this delay in delivery will not affect daily operations. All departures will take place as usual with a mixture of new and old trams, says Communications Director Ina Helene Ostby.

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