Øyvind Loven rolls the dice for comedy show produced by friend and manager – used in marketing – NRK Culture and Entertainment

Øyvind Loven rolls the dice for comedy show produced by friend and manager – used in marketing – NRK Culture and Entertainment

Øyvind Loven is the host with Kim Johanne Dahl and Geir Schau in the radio show “Morgenklubben med Loven & Co” on Radio Norge. Here they occasionally throw dice for various programs and other cultural events. According to the channel, the show has around 400,000 weekly viewers.

Some of the shows that Øyvind Loven helps review are played on the comedy scene Latter, where Elena Grants is a partner and producer. As of 2020, Krantz is also the owner of Stand Up Norway, which operates Latter. He later sold the company to Danish company All Things Live. But Krantz co-owns and manages the company that produces and finances most of the shows there.

Elena Krantz is also Oyvind Loven's manager, since Loven worked as a stage comedian with Stand Up Norway. According to his Instagram profile, Krantz is also Loven's best friend.

From Øyvind Loven's Instagram profile. The film was released on February 5 this year.

Photo: Instagram @oyvindloven

Law helps his best friend and manager to review and roll the dice on the shows he helps produce. Terningkastene uses laughter and stand up Norway in its marketing.

Øyvind Loven does not see himself as a perfect reviewer and believes that listeners are aware of the relationship with Krantz.

(See full response to Lavan, Radio Norge and later further below)


The well-known radio host from Radio Norge, Øvind Loven, ex-professor of marketing, now professor of innovation, says that when he reviews programs produced by a company related to his own manager and best friend, many issues regarding credibility and conflicts of interest arise. , Tor Wallin Andreassen also adds:

If the public suspects that reviews are the result of nepotism rather than actual quality, it can backfire against both shows and critics.

Trygway as Olsen

Trickway Os Olsen is an expert in the field of journalism. He conducts courses – and speaks frequently – on journalistic ethics.

Photo: Sturlason / Kake Publishing House

I think Øyvind Loven is incompetent. You wouldn't review books or posts published by your manager and best friend, says Trikway Os Olson in Journalism.

NRK found seven cases in connection with the marketing of later shows where the dice rolls stand up Norge was the producer of “Morgenklubben med Loven & Co”.

They include solo performances by some of the country's biggest comedy profiles, such as Dagfin Lyngbo, Pernille Sorensen and Johan Golden. All seven reviews end with five or six dice rolls.

Dogfin Lingbo

Roll of the Six of the Dice by Morgenkluppen on Radio Norge, reviewed August 2016.

3 for 1

Roll the Dice Five by Morgenklubben on Radio Norge, reviewed August/September 2023.

Sorensen, Culture

Roll of Six of the Dice by Morgenklubpen on Radio Norge, reviewed August 2018.


Roll of Sixes of the Dice by Morgenkluppen on Radio Norge, reviewed November 2014.

World's Best Show 2

Roll of Sixes of the Dice by Morgenkluppen on Radio Norge reviewed October 2023.

Jonah Storm

Roll of the Dice Five by Morgenklubpen on Radio Norge reviewed in Fall 2023.

Martha - Musician

Roll the Dice Five by Morgenklubpen on Radio Norge, reviewed January 2016.

Four of the seven cases took place during the time Krantz Lotter and Stand Up Norge were owned.

Law: – Not a heavy reviewer

Øyvind Lawen believes Listeners of Morgenklubben are aware of the connection between him and Latter/Stand Up Norway/Krantz, because he talks about it a lot.

I am a comedian, performer and I work in radio. I am not a journalist or heavy critic. Latter, Stand Up Norway and my relationship with Elena Krantz is completely open and well known. Daily I tell about the things and events that happened in my life in the program Let's roll a dice for fun once in a while.

Morning Club

The current Morgenklubben gang: Geir Schau, Øyvind Loven and Kim Johanne Dahl. The female third voice has been changed a few times since the show started.

Photo: Radio Norway

NRK has asked Radio Norge's editor-in-chief, Andreas Well, to provide information on Lauvan's relationship with Lotter and Stand Up Norway.

It is often mentioned and talked about in the Morgenklubben, but I dare not say 100 percent that without hearing it, I could not have gone quickly through the turns during the live broadcast. We do not mention Grants in this context, he writes for NRK.

Journalism's As Olsen believes that the law's relationship with Stand Up Norway and Laughter on Air is not particularly mitigated in general.

If you need to report a reviewer as incompetent, you should do so in connection with posting reviews.

Sorensen, roll the dice
Photo: Stand in Norway

Radio Norge: – Sure can clarify more

Editor-in-chief Velle says extra care should be taken in revealing the dual role going forward:

This method can certainly be further clarified in the air, which we will discuss. In the future, we will continue to make sure that listeners know that the law is associated with Laughter and Stand Up Norway.

We know listeners want a roll of the dice to deal with. We also know that these end up on posters. So, as a rule, before we roll the dice, there should be several people who have made an assessment and agreed on the roll of the dice. What ends up on various posters is out of our control, says Vale to NRK.

Waymund Vic

Vemund Vic is the general manager of Stand Up Norway.

Photo: Stand in Norway

laughter: Let's take that into consideration

NRK has been in contact with Elena Krantz, who refers to Vemund Vick, the general manager of Stand Up Norway. Morgenklubben's use of the dice roll in their marketing is a new issue for them, he says.

Unfortunately, in a media world where fewer and fewer people review cultural experiences, we choose to use the reviews we receive above all else. Both radio listeners and program industry generally know that Lovven and Schau are well-known profiles in comedy in Norway, and although we have a professional collaboration with one of them, both and “Morkenkluppen” editors are of course free. Tell them what they love about shows that make them laugh. We take it for granted that Radio Norge has exercised good editorial judgment before the reviews they come up with.

Would you like to consider changes to the use of dice rolls by Morgenklubben in the future?

We do ongoing evaluations around our programs and how they are advertised and jobs that are always open to good and relevant input. This is a recent issue for us, so I can say like politicians that we are taking it into account.

Vic refers to the recent debate surrounding criticism of Nicolae Ramm's performance, in which Optenbosten and NRK rolled the dice. He later received criticism from two local radio stations for his use of Roll Six and Roll Five reviews.

Comedians don't create shows to get good dice rolls, they have to bring out their own humor in the best possible way and hope they strike an audience. Vig concludes that it's not the reviews that sell the most tickets, it's the enthusiastic audience who recommend the show to people they know.

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