The star lawyer can’t sell luxury property – now the service home is selling for a hefty price

The star lawyer can't sell luxury property - now the service home is selling for a hefty price

For many years he tried to sell the luxury tradition at Frakner. Now a new home is coming to market.

Attorney Mona Haynes and brokers could not find buyers who would pay NOK 125 million for the property in Frogner. The online newspaper has mentioned this many times before.

– This is the largest and most beautiful house in Frogner. This is Frockner’s Downton Abbey, a very majestic estate, Tom said. The house was first put up for sale from E. Johnson Cem & Johnson to Netavison.

The property is located in the most expensive residential areas of Oslo, which houses embassies, celebrities and some of the richest people in the country.

The luxury property covers an area of ​​1.3 acres and a usable area of ​​750 square meters. But there is no bidding for the NOK 125 million price estimate.

On Friday, however, a new house was put up for sale: a service house on the property, priced at NOK 28 million.

Mona Hynes is low when asked why the service house for Netavision luxury property is up for sale.

– I’m not giving personal interviews, so we can only end this conversation, says Mona Hines over the phone to Netvision.

As a result of the difficult sales process, the famous lawyer chose to rent a service house for 29,000 kroner a month earlier this year..

Divide the property

John Frederick Ponde is a real estate agent in Cem & Johnson. He tells Netavision that Mona Hines hired them to try to sell the service separately. However, this part of the property is not registered.

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– Of course we want to sell the whole thing, but the broker tells Netavision that this is an alternative we are trying to do now.

The service house would be more suitable for separation, and the broker says it would be a great alternative to a small town villa in the west, with a double garage and garden.

The 150 square meter serviced apartment is spread over three floors with a balcony. All three floors have living rooms, three bathrooms, a large bedroom and two sleeping alcoves, as well as parking within the property.

At the service home sales event, the property will be registered.

Real estate agent Ponde believes the $ 28 million price for a brick villa removed in Frockner will not be a barrier.

– The buyer group is relatively large, which he says will probably be interesting to many.

The broker insists he has not given up hope of selling the property for a total of NOK 125 million, including the famous lawyer and brokerage firm Service Home, but says it will not be easy.

Thus, both the entire property and the service house are for sale at the same time.

– Who has 125 million to buy Housing?

– Of course, the well-to-do who can afford it. It could be an embassy, ​​a company or a Norwegian living abroad, he points out, who recently sold a property in Picto for more than NOK 200 million.

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However, the magnificent villa is preceded by a controversial history. Per and Sinev Urdal, longtime friends of the celebrity and lawyer, are the reason he now owns the property.

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At the will of the old couple, Hynes was appointed heir to the couple’s fortune, which is worth more than NOK 100 million.

This did not go well for the relatives who were suing the star lawyer. At the time, the property was valued at NOK 70 and 100 million.

The Inheritance Dispute was decided in 2014 by the Court of Appeals of Forgarding. Won by all means, and the heirs did not appeal to the Supreme Court.

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