– When it rains, I see many tremors – NRK Oslo og Viken – Local news, TV and radio

– When it rains, I see many tremors – NRK Oslo og Viken – Local news, TV and radio

Hilde Bree destroyed her childhood home in Ål in a landslide.

The remains of the house are scattered below where it once stood, a good mix of mud, wood and stone.

My wardrobe and living room are suddenly down. Hildebree says that you can find things that are supposed to be fifty meters high, and then push them down.

Hilde Pree’s house and property were completely destroyed by the landslide.

Photo: Jan-Erik Wilthill / NRK

Despite everything, she is determined to rebuild her home.

Not sure if her neighbors still have their houses in good condition.

There are many people in Bree who do not dare to live in their homes. They live in cabins and hotels out of fear. When it rains, I have seen shivering, says Pree.

Planned to jump off the slide

In Pre Gard, six people usually live.

When one begins to feel the extreme weather “hans” on the body in Ål, the exodus begins. Farm dwellers are six out of a thousand who have left their homes.

There was a small landslide on the neighboring land and then we thought we could get away with it. “We didn’t know it would hit home so hard,” says Hildebree.

Landslide that took Hilde Bree's house.

If it’s safe and she’s allowed, Bree will rebuild the house.

Photo: Jan-Erik Wilthill / NRK

She arrived home an hour before the landslide.

She and her two friends had brought a spade with them to move the stream away from the house, which was bigger than the stream that day.

I thought we were among the last to be evicted, but almost everyone is here in Bree. Many were in their homes. Pree says I would have died if I was at home.

This time there is no waffle for the Prime Minister

A week after the house was demolished, Prime Minister Jonas Karr stopped by Storr (AP).

Sorry I don’t have any waffles, says Hildebree.

That would have to be another time, the Prime Minister replied.

Ål 20230815. Prime Minister Jonas Kahr talks to Hild Bree in Storr Ål, who lives on one of Hans's extreme weather-affected farms during the rainy season.

Landslides are one of the most dangerous things in Norway today, says Prime Minister Jonas Kahrstor.

Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTP

Injuries after extreme weather “Hans” had a strong effect on him.

There is no more traumatic experience than losing one’s house and home. They are happy to be alive, it was close, he says.

Glad it went well for everyone

Prime Minister says that such a crisis cannot be left without learning lessons.

At the same time, he promised to provide financial support to municipalities that need help rebuilding.


Bree’s house is completely destroyed. Only the roof remains.

Photo: Frida Sinnow Hoyas / NRK

No one should stand alone here. It is important that we stand up for the victims, says Gahr Støre.

Ål’s mayor, Solveig Vestenfor (Ap), is proud of the work done by the residents of the area.

“We’re incredibly happy that it went so well for everyone,” he says.

Ål's mayor, Solveig Westenfor

Solveig Westenfoor is glad that the extreme weather “Hans” did not claim any lives.

Photo: Frida Sinnow Hoyas / NRK

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