Participants are angry after breaking the rules on the farm:

Participants are angry after breaking the rules on the farm:

This week, participants on the farm are in their fourth week on the farm.

Although the participants appeared to be living an idyllic life in 1921, this week it emerged that two participants had broken the rules on the farm.

Bus driver and TikTok star Robert Michael Scott (54) and self-employed Hermann Herbert Herding (24) have been in contact with strangers, received food and tobacco, among other things, and were allowed to call home.

He was Dagbladet Who mentioned the violation first?

– I thought it was nonsense and Good evening Norway have been in contact with many other participants since it became known.

They race against Scott and Hearding.

– I think it’s unfortunate. I’m embarrassed by Rob and Herman on my behalf. I expect more adults, Grethe Enlid says when contacts her.

She was a senior farmer on the farm this week as Scott and Hearding chose to break the rules. She became aware of a rule violation when the production company that makes Pharmin, Strix, had to call a meeting to wash the dishes.

But only when I came out of the yard did I understand the extent.

– I didn’t know it was so bad until after I signed up. When I first heard it, I thought it was bullshit – but that was actually the case. Then the air faded a bit, she says.

ANGRY: Grethe is not a fan of robes. Photo: Alex Iversen/TV 2

He should have been fired

And founder Kjell Strand (55) doesn’t skimp on gunpowder. he is Smoking when he met Scott in a duel last Sunday.

-One thing is to steal eggs, but when they meet strangers, call home, and encourage them to come back with more food – it’s quite on the snout. It’s a shame for those who really want to play a fair game.

Strand reacts aggressively to the fact that cheating had no consequences for Scott and Hearding.

– I think they should have been kicked out of the yard at once. He says I feel incredibly provoked.

He was very disappointed with both Scott and Hearding, but also the production, when he dealt with cheating. He wonders if the production tried to hide the adventures.

– I was angry – but who should I be angry with? Who did the work, or the producer who tried to hide it?

Rangers Amalie Lund, 23, also thinks Scott and Hering should have packed their bags and left the farm.

– When you break the rules in this way, I think you should be sent home. No matter who they are, she tells Good night Norway.

She thinks the production chose to keep the two because they make good TV.

– Absolutely. Maybe they thought they couldn’t kick them out, because they’re making good performances, says Lund.

Watch more of the interview with Amalie at the top of the issue.

Out: Kjell thinks Hermann and Rob should have been fired directly.

Out: Kjell thinks Hermann and Rob should have been fired directly. Photo: Alex Iversen/TV 2

– production of sarcasm

It was close to an application record for this season of The Farm with about 8,500 orders. Enlid believes Scott and Hearding got into the production.

– Terrible. They make fun of the production that does everything for us at all times, and all those who want to join in.

I hope they taste so horrible that they were allowed to be on the farm after that at all. It’s as above the line as possible. It takes a really bad time for adults to do this. It’s pathetic, says Enlid.

However, she reacted forcefully that Scott and Hearding, due to Corona’s ongoing condition, put the other participants at risk.

– I was over ran around the table. As a healthcare professional, I have seen what this disease does to humans. We had a participant among us who was seriously ill when Corona arrived last year. It pissed me off because they put the rest of us in a potentially dangerous situation.

Patient: Thorvald contracted the coronavirus last year.

Patient: Thorvald contracted the coronavirus last year. Photo: Alex Iversen/TV 2

The participant Enlid he’s referring to is real estate attorney Thorvald Nyquist (51). He was seriously ill with corona for more than a year.

When he called, he made it clear that he wasn’t worried about his personal situation.

– I’ve been fully vaccinated and immunized when I was on the farm. It just wasn’t on my mind, says Nyquist, who adds that he understands production anxiety.

– What I replied to is that they cheated. It’s okay to vandalize, steal food, and lie – that’s all part of the game. I respect what others do, even if I don’t do it myself. But I don’t like cheating, says Nyquist.

expect more

According to Enlid, the participants talked about this exactly before the accident.

– We thought about what happened last season, and we said: “God forbid that anyone be so stupid and do such things this season,” she said.

According to Scott and Hearding, they had no aura in mind when they met aliens from the farm.

– Saying they didn’t put the aura in their mind is ridiculous. The world’s population had nothing else in mind but last year’s corona. I expect more seniors, says Enlid.

After cheating, corona testing was performed twice, every ten days. All tests were negative, says TV 2 Press Director Jan-Petter Dahl.

Read a longer answer from TV 2 at the bottom of the article.

Drawer: Both Amalie and Greth believe cheating should have consequences.

Drawer: Both Amalie and Greth believe cheating should have consequences. Photo: Alex Iversen/TV 2

I did it again

Good evening, Norway spoke to Herding who reiterated that neither he nor Scott are thinking about the case of Corona.

– We were there four weeks ago, and there was no talk of Corona. When two young kids are very impressed with Farmen and want to take pictures, we of course say yes, Herding says, and continues:

– I was very hungry, so I also did not refuse some chocolate. I did it again. I would have felt like an idiot if we had got corona, but when nothing happened it was ‘ingenuity’ and I’m very happy with that.

Quiet: Hermann takes the criticism calmly, and says he's done it again.

Quiet: Hermann takes the criticism calmly, and says he’s done it again. Photo: Alex Iversen/TV 2

When Herig faces accusations of interfering with production, he admits he had a bad conscience.

– I had a lot of respect for the production team, because they were ten out of ten. If I had been devastated for them, I would have felt so bad. Hearding says I had a bad conscience about the production, but not the other participants.

He believes that production can’t fire him and Scott, because they had no proof that they had done anything wrong.

I pretended to be nothing I pretended to know nothing. Rob only gave half the truth.

Good evening, Norway has also spoken with Scott. He also felt that the two of them had to take selfies.

– It happened so quickly, I panicked. I felt compelled to take a selfie with them, so they didn’t post anything on social media. I didn’t think about corona because we lived in a bubble, says Scott.

Scott and Hearding are said to have taken self-portraits, in exchange for the hikers’ lack of involvement with the TikTok star’s post on the farm. At that time, it was all a secret.

– When the production came, I understood the seriousness, and I didn’t meet anyone else after that day.

More serious last year

In an email to and Good evening Norway, TV 2 wrote that staff in production noticed some pedestrians in the participants’ area, as they worked on weekly assignments.

– On the basis of this, there was a suspicion of close contact with strangers, but the production had no evidence. Therefore, they entered and had a serious conversation with the participants, wrote the press director of TV 2, Jan-Peter Dahl.

They explain why no one has had to leave the farm this year, like the emergency driver Nils Kavalvik, 40, had to leave the farm last year after similar violation.

– In the past year, the entire cast was involved in more serious abuses and it was carried out with greater intent. Dahl wrote that so we thought there was no basis for a strong response like last year.

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