Patrick Dempsey: – Shock

Patrick Dempsey: - Shock

the actor Patrick Dempsey (56) charmed “Grey’s Anatomy” fans in droves with his role as Dr. Derek Shepherd. During his time on the series, the actor was nicknamed “Dr. McDreamy”, so it was a great sadness for many when he said fHe left ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ in 2015.

Now, however, the 56-year-old is irritating fans.

People As it was mentioned.

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On Instagram, his wife Jillian Dempsey, 56, shared a video in which Hollywood star RWell, he said goodbye to his famous tresses, and shaved off all his hair.

Under the video, his wife wrote: “Change is good!”

But followers don’t think so, who have taken to the comments section to express their grief over the hair loss.

“It’s not funny Gil, I made him get rid of the hero’s hair,” one wrote, while another added: “His precious hair.”

One “Grey’s Anatomy” fan joked, “I think this hurts more than Derek’s death.”

The actor’s wife told the site that Dempsey wanted to “start over,” and that he was much needed after polishing his hair platinum blonde for his role in “Ferrari.”

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Not the first time

This isn’t the first time the superstar has stunned with a new match. Just three months ago He surprised “everyone” with his platinum blonde hair, when he was to receive an award from Disney.

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When he walked the red carpet, many people opened their eyes – there was no dark-haired Dempsey to be seen.

– My kids are scared and my son really likes it. And the son didn’t like it and my wife liked it too. So it is going well. He said the opposite, it’s good to have a little change Entertainment tonight Around the blonde hairline.

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