Peter Molyneux’s Godus and Godus Wars games have been removed from Steam

Peter Molyneux’s Godus and Godus Wars games have been removed from Steam


  • Gods Godus and Godus Wars are no longer available for purchase due to technical changes at Amazon.
  • Developer 22cans has confirmed that those who already own the games will still be able to play them even after they are pulled from store shelves.
  • Despite huge interest at launch, Godus has never been able to deliver on its promises, and currently only has 11 active players according to SteamCharts.

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It’s been ten years since Peter Molyneux and studio 22cans tried to revive the genre of god games. Godus certainly wasn’t able to launch the great revolution, and now the adventure is one step away from the grave.

via steam 22cans explains that it is now no longer possible to purchase Godus or Godus Wars multiplayer. The developer explains that this is due to changes in Amazon’s servers.

– Due to upcoming technical changes in Amazon Web Services, which affect our ability to deliver necessary game files to new users, these games will unfortunately be pulled from the Steam store, 22cans explains.

The team went on to thank them for their support over the past decade. It also confirmed that those who already own Godus and Godus Wars will still be able to play it, even after it is pulled from store shelves.

God of portos.

22 cans

Godus received a lot of attention in its time thanks to the Curiosity marketing ploy. Here, players from all over the world made their way through the 326 layers of the virtual cube, with the promise of a special Godus treatment only for those who reached the core first.

However, things did not go as Molyneux promised. Winner Brian Henderson got nothing of what he was promised, and Godus himself also backed up with a number of issues.

At the time of writing, Godus also has 11 players signed in, according to SteamCharts. Nobody plays Godus Wars.

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