Peter Stordalen: – The only right one is Marta

Peter Stordalen: – The only right one is Marta

In the summer of 2020 the good news came Peter Stordalen, 59, has found love againAlmost eight months later Separation from Gunhild Stordalen (42).

Chosen by Swedes Marta Islander Westin (32).

On Marta’s birthday, he shared an Instagram post where he paid tribute to his girlfriend by writing, among other things, “The best thing Corona has given me is you.”

Now he compliments his girlfriend again.

– I felt that everything went wrong

Stordalen has previously spoken about his new girlfriend and how the relationship began. Everything developed when the epidemic took over the country completely in March 2020.

It was the Corona crisis that brought us together. Marta came to Oslo for a visit just before everything closed down and stuck with me here, he told me VG this time.

The new luxury hotel Petter Stordalen on Solli plass has been renovated in close collaboration with the old town. They were to keep the swastika-wrought iron gate from the 1930s. Reporter: Lynne Kristen Marthenhausen / Video: Lars-Eyend Bones
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Thursday night saw the Swedish premiere of “Peter Pan Goes to Hell,” a show about everything that goes wrong. On that occasion Stordalen was asked at what time things got worse for him.

He answered somewhat romantically to a gloomy question.

– I’ve been through a long pandemic, and I feel like everything is going well. The only suitable person is Marta, Stordalen says in Swedish Express.

In a previous interview with Aftonbladet He told, among other things, that Marta made him shift his focus from all the horrible things that happened, which led to his aura being seen as less negative. So they spent a lot of time under one roof during the pandemic.

In Stordalen’s book “The Apollo method” Among other things, he wrote that he was afraid Until Marta tires of him during a pandemic. But it wasn’t. The 32-year-old stayed for 102 days.

Ring on the finger

On the red carpet in 2021, the couple can confirm to the Swedish Aftonbladet That they became cohabitants in both Oslo and Stockholm, plus the fact that they got two dogs together.

Full of secrets: Peter Stordalen answers the questions with something remarkably vague. Video: Anders Johan Stavseng Clip: Jakob Geir Grimsmo
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The Swedish newspaper also writes that Marta He appeared with a ring on his fingerHowever, the couple is not engaged yet.

– We’ll see what happens. But we are having a great time together and everything is going well. We have the same interests and like to do the same things. I am very fond of. I’m in love and happy! Peter boasted that it was great.

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