Kelly Osbourne wants to get plastic surgery for Christmas

Kelly Osbourne wants to get plastic surgery for Christmas

There are likely to be many people scrambling to get the last Christmas presents purchased, before the peace of Christmas arrives on Sunday.

While many may expect both hard and soft beams under the tree, there are others who can enjoy the experiences.

– Always use a condom!

It’s hard to decide how to classify celebrity daughter Kelly Osbourne’s (39) desire for a Christmas gift. “It’s the unconventional kind, which made the parents react so strongly,” he writes the people.

“I think I finally know what I want for Christmas,” Kelly says on the family podcast The Osbournes, before her mother Sharon, 71, barges in and says, “Oh no, now what.”

Weight loss: Kelly Osbourne revealed on her Instagram account that she had lost many kilograms, which surprised her fans. Photo: Kelly Osbourne/Instagram screenshot, Reporter: Embla Hjort-Larsen
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Plastic surgery, the 39-year-old reveals, as she places her hands on her neck and face to determine that a facelift is on her wish list.

Desire makes parents react quickly.

– Oh, damn it! no! Stop! Her father Ozzy (75) is broke while Sharon thinks it is too early for her daughter to think such a thing.

- I should have died

– I should have died

The house’s son, Jack, 37, jokingly points out that their mother started plastic surgery around the same age.

This isn’t the first time the Osbourne family has discussed plastic surgery on their podcast. It’s also a known fact that Sharon has done a little bit of everything with her own look over the years.

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In September, the 71-year-old said on the podcast that she was done with plastic surgery for good, but her son was not convinced.

“I thought you were a bit like a car that needs maintenance every two years,” he joked at the time.

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Cautions after weight loss

Cautions after weight loss

Although Kelly wants to get a facelift this Christmas, she has previously strongly disputed rumors that she has changed her appearance.

-The only thing I did was Botox, that’s all I told others before daily Mail.

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