German intelligence: sounding the alarm about heavy Ukrainian losses

German intelligence: sounding the alarm about heavy Ukrainian losses

According to major German newspaper Der Spiegel, the German Foreign Intelligence Service (BND) is said to have informed members of the German Bundestag parliament about the dangerous situation.

The meeting was in “secret” status, but leaks from the meeting are now public knowledge.

“Russia is now throwing soldiers like cannonballs”

And German intelligence confirms that “the Ukrainians are currently suffering heavy losses near Bakhmut.”

According to the new analysis, the losses could have severe consequences for the entire Ukrainian defense line. If Bakhmut fell, it would be critical.

He writes: “Russia now throws soldiers like cannonballs because losses there don’t bother them.” Der Spiegel to me European Pravda.

German foreign intelligence was alarmed by the heavy losses suffered by the Ukrainian army in the battles against the Russian forces at Bakhmut.

It threatens Ukraine’s two main supply routes

It is reported that the Ukrainian army is currently losing three digits of soldiers every day in fierce battles with the Russian occupiers in this part of the country.

British intelligence reported earlier that one of Ukraine’s two main supply routes to Bakhmut had come under intense artillery bombardment, writes Kyiv Independent.

In January, Russian forces were reported to be increasing pressure on Bakhmut, but it is unlikely that they will soon encircle the city.

– Russia has large numbers of soldiers around the towns of Bakhmut and Solidar

In his daily video address to the Ukrainian people, President Volodymyr Zelensky said of the situation in eastern Ukraine:

Decisions about military aid must be made more quickly. Russia has large numbers of soldiers in the Donbass region, particularly around the towns of Bakhmut and Solidar, but also in southern Ukraine. We’ll see what Russia is preparing here,” Zelensky said.

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The Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Jana Malyar, also commented on the acute situation at the front.

– The enemy has transferred almost all of its forces to the Donetsk front and continues its high-intensity offensive. This is a difficult phase of the war, Maillar said.

According to Western intelligence, both sides suffered heavy losses in the battle for the small city that Russian President Vladimir Putin wanted to occupy. The battles are referred to as trench warfare similar to battles during World War I.

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