PlayStation 5, Headset | Test: Stealth Pro for PlayStation

PlayStation 5, Headset |  Test: Stealth Pro for PlayStation

Turtle Beach Stealth Pro PlayStation Gaming Headset

price: NOK 3899 (lowest price found on 23 May in Prisjakt)

Plus minus
Very good sound
Easy to set up
Cheap design
Buttons a little messy

Buying a good gaming headset is almost essential if you want to take sufficient advantage of the sound quality in most games. Neither the speakers on TVs nor on computers are quite capable of outputting sound well enough.

So we look forward to testing this innovation from Turtle Beach.

The box it comes in is huge. So big that we initially wondered if we had received the wrong delivery. Was it really a microwave? Or maybe an air fryer?

Gaming headset for PC and PlayStation 5

A quick look at the actual box quickly revealed that we were talking about a headset we agreed to test. A gaming headset suitable for PC and Playstation 5 (plus Nintendo Switch which we haven’t tested). It looks like the folks behind it, Turtle Beach, want to move into a weight class where we’ve only really seen SteelSeries recently. If you have nothing to do with it: In short, an expensive wireless gaming headset with good sound and rechargeable batteries.

Once inside the chest, we found a round tool with a small square in it, after some confusion, the puzzle was solved. This was the box that sent signals to the headset, as well as charging the battery that you could replace in the headset if the battery ran out in the middle of a game.

Expensive box, disappointing appearance

While the box looked expensive and we liked the build quality of the charger surround and the headset itself, we were a bit disappointed with the actual look. It was totally fine, but maybe it lacked originality a bit. It might go a long way to call it boring, but disappointing is probably the right word.

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The big challenge with headphones that are supposed to be smart, advanced, and good is that advanced is usually the key word to making them work properly, too. The road between the box and the actual use is often very long. So we took a deep dive, quickly read the instructions and threw ourselves in.

Then we started. It was as easy as connecting the round tool to the machines, with the corresponding wire. We also tried changing the battery. Something that can often be worth some study for an MSc in Engineering in itself. Here it was a matter of taking the lid off and replacing it. Extremely fast, simple and straightforward.

The same highlight came when we started playing. Because where I felt a little bit of visual quality, there it was in terms of sound. It’s probably best especially in games, and that’s a good feature in music when it has to be said. Which can be said to be good enough for a gaming headset.

Very nice sound on Playstation 5

Active noise cancellation meant we could cut out both the people renovating the house next door, the finicky interrupters and the wife yelling something about the trash to be emptied before we put it down. So it must be said: on Playstation 5 you get the full benefit, on PC only almost. So, if you’re playing PC and want this for music, we’d choose something else.

In use, this is simple and straightforward. The controls are on the left side along with microphone mute, volume control (playing the same zoom) and on/off, among other things. As well as the so-called superhuman. This must be explained.

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Superhuman Hearing is supposed to help you in the game, we might actually argue that. This is a kind of setting on audio which means that important sounds in games are amplified. The app (Windows, iOS and Android) allows you to fine-tune the sound.

Two testers recommend

Our testers, ages 14 and 50, thought the headphones fit well on the head. Even with the frustratingly backward throw in head. We didn’t get to test Mercedes Formula 1 close the headset in the office to see what it could handle, but the gaming chair’s sprint went well (no pun intended).

The microphone is good, but we heard better. If you’re going to do a podcast, we’d probably go to something else, but if you’re going to tell your partner to attack from the left side, that’s good enough.

Overall, this is a huge investment, but if, like us, you have a TV that lacks sound options, there is no doubt that you will raise your gaming experience a lot with this. We recommend.

a personality: 7/10

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