Podcast, Hockey Magazine | – People can’t stand having their noses poked and messed with anymore

Podcast, Hockey Magazine |  – People can’t stand having their noses poked and messed with anymore

In this podcast, you will hear Henrik Holm, the Fredrikstad boy, talking about the wardrobe culture, among other things, which has declined over the years.

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-It’s become a little softer, no doubt. People can’t stand to be poked on the nose so much and messed with anymore. It’s a bit unfortunate, says Holm, adding:

– At the same time, there is a golden limit that must not be exceeded. However, we must not forget the old locker room culture and that people have some tasks when they are young. It’s just a great way to get people involved in senior hockey. She also has to be able to handle some criticism, he says.

In addition, he talks a lot about:

  • Stjernen’s teenage years
  • When he moved to Lillehammer when he was 15 years old
  • Time in Stavanger Oilers
  • Tore Christiansen – the man who means everything in Stavanger
  • Thief stories about Peter Thoresen
  • Wardrobe culture
  • Winning culture in Stavanger
  • Advice for young goalkeepers
  • Love Fredrikstad
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