Price test: – It’s cheaper here

Price test: – It’s cheaper here

TRONDHEIM (DinSide): “Mom, we’re almost there, right?”

Yes, it’s that time of year again. The time when the car is full of bags full of swimming trunks, swimming goggles, a beach towel, and five bottles of sunscreen. Yes, and a thick jacket. You never know if a blizzard will suddenly happen during the summer holidays.

After only a few kilometers, you will realize that the food packages you smeared are still on the kitchen table, so there will be food for the gas station on this trip as well.

And there is money to be saved by choosing the right station.

Prices differences

in a survey he conducted Response analysis on behalf of the insurance company Fremtind in May, as many as 47 percent reported that changes in the economy are affecting their summer vacation plans. Half of these choose a lower vacation budget.

36 percent of them drop the trip abroad.

And if you’re among the many vacationing along the roads of our long country this summer, there’s money to be saved by choosing the right gas station. This is evidenced by our DinSide price test.

Made with prosperity

25 percent

DinSide compare prices at the four big chains along the way: Esso (Deli de Luca in this case), Circle K, Shell, and Yx. The price test took place in Trondheim on the 29th of June.

The largest difference in prices is found for cheese and bacon. While sausages cost NOK 65 at Shell, Yx and Circle K, they only cost NOK 49 at Esso Deli de Luca, which was on offer when visiting DinSide. A price difference of nearly 25 percent!

Do you really know how much water it takes to extinguish a disposable grill? It might be more than you think. Video: Dennis Abelung Hagbro / Harvard Bjornrim. Program Leader: Embla Hjort-Larsen.
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The price without the offer is NOK 62, which makes the sausage the cheapest in the test.

On the other hand, the baguette with cheese and ham is the most expensive in Esso, for which you have to pay 72 NOK for a baguette. At competitor Yx, the same baguette costs just NOK 59, which is a saving of about 20 percent.

Most Expensive: Shell comes in worst on the DinSide price test.  The image is not of the station in question.  Photo: Thomas Rasmus Skoog

Most Expensive: Shell comes in worst on the DinSide price test. The image is not of the station in question. Photo: Thomas Rasmus Skoog
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Yx is also the cheapest coffee, coke, and 3-pack. with cakes. For a small cup of coffee, the price difference is three kroner between the cheapest and most expensive cup, while the price difference is five kroner for a large cup.

If you fill the “basket” with all the items DinSide does a price check, then a small cup of coffee, the Yx and Esso are the cheapest, with a final price of NOK 287. In Circle K you have to pay 297 NOK, while in Shell the final amount is the most expensive, where the same goods cost 308 NOK.

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