Price war, nedar | Easter price war: Prices are starting to fall

Price war, nedar |  Easter price war: Prices are starting to fall

Easter prices are starting to fall. Both Kvikklunj and large chocolate bars have recently had their prices reduced in discount chains.

Now the prices of Easter items from Nidar have also started to fall.

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Continuously adjust prices

The price of a best-selling marzipan sausage in a five-pack has been reduced from 35.90 to 33.80 in Kiwi. This is a price reduction of just under six percent.

The marzipan eggs with chocolate were cut by approximately ten percent from 25.90 to 23.40.

The lower-priced chains follow each other closely, and the Rema 1000 had similar prices when Nettavisen stopped on Friday morning.

Kiwi confirms that there are likely to be many Easter items that have been reduced, and that prices are constantly being adjusted.

-We adjust prices continuously throughout the day. So, yes, there may be more changes, communications consultant Nora Helgesen tells Nettavisen.

– It will start on Monday

Gjerrig addict Ron Nicolaysen believes the price war will actually start over the weekend.

“This is a cautious start, and it will cut the chains a lot more,” he says.

Last year, the price of marzipan sausage, Father Nedar, fell to 5.30. Now they are at 33.80.

Six-pack quick lunches fell to just over NOK 20 last year. Today we found a three-pack at Kiwi for 19.90 and a six-pack at Rema for 39.80. This gives the exact same unit price of NOK 6.63. There's no quantity discount by purchasing six instead of three, in other words.

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– I think the Easter price war will not start until Monday, says Nikolaisen.

He explains this as follows:

– On March 10, the New Zealanders' price pressure campaign ends, and then they will come in for a new round. I'm reasonably sure the campaign will feature a number of Easter products, he says and explains:

– Typical products over which there is a price war are Easter marzipan, solo, marmalades and grilled sausages. The leg of lamb might also be something to campaign for, he says.

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– He should calm down a little

Grocery expert Odd Gesholt doesn't think this year's Easter price war will be as fierce as last year's.

– The Big Three think: Now we have to calm down a little. He says they've all launched campaigns at the start of the year now, and the ferocious Easter price war is eating away at gross margin.

Gisault points to the three big grocery chains: Coop, Rema 1000, and Norgesgruppen, which owns Kiwi and Meny.

– Sometimes they sell goods at a loss, and they don't like it. “I think they would rather skip the Easter trip,” he says.

At the same time, there is a great deal of uncertainty.

– They have to follow each other in terms of price, so if someone wants a price war, it will happen, says Gesholt.


Before Easter, it is common for stores to adjust up to several hundred prices per day. At Kiwi, the prices were still outdated on the paper labels when Netavicin checked them.

– The store was asked to correct the labels, Helgesen says.

Rune blogger Gjerrigknarken Nicolaisen comes with this warning:

The more price wars there are, the more careful you have to be and compare paper labels to price tags on the shelf, he says.

Nicolaisen himself has no plans to stock Easter merchandise anytime soon.

– For those who want to wait with Easter, it would be wise to wait with the event. Mostly, he says, you eat what you have at home, and it's not necessary to stock up on Easter marzipan just yet.

– There's still a long time until Easter. “My advice is to have ice in your stomach,” Nicolaisen says.

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