Prince Edward and Sophie: – A slain royal gift

Prince Edward and Sophie: - A slain royal gift

Members of the royal family at home and abroad are closely followed, and sometimes They are also criticized for the things they say or do. Now he is the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth (96), Prince Edward (58)Which makes the hat fit some.

Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, recently made an official visit to the Caribbean, where they met, among others, the Prime Minister of Saint Lucia, Philippe J. Pierre.

During the official visit, they presented a gift to the Prime Minister, and it is this gift that is making headlines now. Both does not depend on And People Discuss it.

Caught on camera: This comment from Queen Elizabeth sparked a lot of interest. Photo: PA Media. Reporter: Jostein Sletten / Dagbladet TV
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The couple gave a signed photo of themselves, which makes more people raise their eyebrows.


Rosalyn Warren, Reuters editor, is among those who responded on Twitter.

She wrote, “Whenever I visit another country, I also give the hotel a framed picture of myself as a thank you.”

There are also several other reactions on Twitter, including one person writing that it was better not to give anything, than to give a signed photo.

I got a plate

In addition to the signed photo, Pierre also received the so-called “memorial fund”. Prince Edward and Sophie’s visit coincides with Queen Elizabeth’s platinum anniversary – to celebrate 70 years of the Queen’s reign.

Cake time: Queen Elizabeth had to bounce a big bun in a powerful way. Video: AP
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Representatives of the British royal family also received a gift in return. The Prime Minister of Saint Lucia gave them a painting of a turtle.

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Royal House Expert: – The idea is good

Caroline Vagle, an expert at See and Hear Royal House, told Dagbladet that such gifts of the photographic type with a signature, are not uncommon.

Drawing: Prince Edward and Sophie were given a painting of a turtle.  Photo: Tim Rooke / Shutterstock / NTB

Drawing: Prince Edward and Sophie were given a painting of a turtle. Photo: Tim Rooke / Shutterstock / NTB
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– It is common for members of the royal family to exchange gifts with the hosts in the countries they visit, and these photos are part of that, she says, and continues:

– Perhaps the idea is good, and perhaps many will think that it is good to decorate themselves with such a salutation from kings. But in this case, there are also many who think the gift is inappropriate due to slavery’s harsh past, an issue which I think the royal guests and their advisors could certainly have foreseen.

The royal house expert also points out that this isn’t the first time something like this has attracted attention.

There was a lot of criticism when Prince William and Duchess Kate visited the Caribbean earlier this year, and Prince Edward and Countess Sophie had to count roughly the same, says Fagel.

Things went a little skewed on ‘Today Show Australia’ when they talked about the royal family: Video: Nine Network
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“Deaf tone”

According to The Independent, many have mentioned the gift on social media in a relatively critical manner. The paper wrote that “tone-deafening”, “narcissistic” and “insult” are among the words used to describe the gift.

Some also comment that the prime minister’s facial expressions indicate that he was not particularly impressed with the gift.

According to the newspaper, Prince Edward and Sophie must have finalized the plan before the trip, precisely to avoid PR mistakes, because Prince William and Duchess Kate were criticized when they visited the Caribbean.

Parts of the flight have been cancelled

The tour of the British prince and his wife was initially supposed to be a little longer. I mentioned Friday last week Sky News That the couple cancel parts of the trip – They shot down the planned station in Grenada.

Buckingham Palace stated that the decision was made in consultation with the Government of Grenada on the advice of the Governor-General.

Beyond that, no other justification was given. However, Sky News writes that the royal family has been criticized for previous comments about slavery. The Antigua and Barbuda Reform Support Committee also wrote according to the channel.

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