Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan demand an apology

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan demand an apology

Prince Harry (38) and Duchess Meghan (41) has been a hot topic in recent weeks—again. The pair recently starred in six feature-length episodes Documentary series where they promise to share the “whole truth”..

The Netflix series, ‘Meghan & Harry’ has made headlines around the world with allegations of abuse from the rest of Great Britain’s royal family.

Now reports the British newspaper times that the duke and duchess are demanding a royal summit, as they are also demanding an apology for the treatment they claim they have received.

Storm: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have seen a storm in recent years. Now comes a new trailer for the documentary where they both speak. Video: Netflix
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do you want to talk

According to the newspaper, Meghan and Harry must have the desire to talk to the rest of the family, and really vent about what has been bothering them in recent years. In the documentary series, it became clear that the relationship between Harry in particular and Prince William (40) strained.

– Nothing done to Harry and Meghan raised concerns – no meeting, no formal apology or admission of responsibility, says a source close to the couple.

The purpose of the desired summit is not only to obtain an apology, but also to clear the air before the coronation of King Charles (73) in May. Both Meghan and Harry are expected to attend.

dance: Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan talk about their first dance as husband and wife. Video: Netflix
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The book is coming soon

According to the Times, sources close to Prince William claim that the prince has no plans to speak with his brother. Part of the reason is that Harry’s book, “Memorizes”, Which is expected after the new year.

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Things have been tense for a while now. The source says there is sadness about how things are going with the brother..and then the book will come soon.

Buckingham Palace has not yet commented on the Meghan and Harry documentary on Netflix. Nor has a royal summit been confirmed.

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