Ka2, Synne Vo, Kygo – VG

Ka2, Synne Vo, Kygo - VG
Be that as it may: or does he actually stand and sleep? At least it looks like silver bonad.

Broken Hearts from Tix, bounce cabins from Staysman and Friends and another great stretch of Røyksopp. It’s a bit of music of the week.


Tex – “Door for You”

VG dice show 4 points

The person behind the mask, or at least behind the furs and sunglasses, isn’t the shocking focus of Part 1 of Tix’s second album. A personal love drama touches better as a cohesive EP than as a solo as here. Best of all is the pulsating “Die for You,” which swells with the same broken heart as “If I Left the World.” Just with more hip-hop materialism and a little melodrama. Haukelands’ collaboration with Kastel shows how a wise producer can add magic, even to something so frequently ordinary as an artist’s lament for being known first and foremost as an artist.

Kygo with DNCE – «Dancer Feet»

VG dice show 3 points

BTS Producer David Stewart secured a spot on the Producer Bench with Kygo. And indeed the same thing is happening as the last of those who have contributed to it: tighter, fresher and Rounder and more vibrant production. DNCE—which is somewhat inconspicuous as to what contributes to transcend vocals—is no stranger to smart pop music. It is impossible to forget the chorus of the billion dollar “Cake by the Ocean” (2015). “Dancing Feet” is far from the same adjectives, extending too much to Justin Timberlake’s Can’t Stop the Feeling.

Staysman and Halva Priset – «My cabin»

VG dice show 4 points

Vassindgutane’s Stian Aam for one reason or another doesn’t have artist credit on this holiday homage, which Stian Thorbjørnsen is guaranteed to add to his “Rølpen lever” list. The only thing rumbling here is Sunnmøre’s desperate attempt at an eastern coup. Much like the only person not named Styan here, Peter Katastrov, has had the product and his writing fingers in the past, it’s easy to like (and not to like). No one would be nominated for a Spellemann or Musikkforleggerprisen for any of this, but the party script and the Spellemann riff are so subtle that the Hytta mi song can be central to both the platting dance and SFO.

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Passengers: Synne Vo has likely been a passenger in a car, but she’s been in the driver’s seat of her career.

Synne Vo – «Home»

VG dice show 4 points

Thomas Kungshavn, producer of Emily Nicholas, pays tribute to producer Synne Vorkinn to his hometown. Containing the chaos of newspapers, over time it stopped moving. In itself it is not very original, but it is well and accurately produced, with which the sound production is especially impressive. Nostalgia takes root along with a depiction of growth that fans of the area in Widerøe must be quick to capture before someone in the Center Party destroys it by singing on the green leaf at the next national meeting.

Sam Ryder – “Space Man”

VG dice show 3 points

Soon, it’s clear that Oslo’s current Sam Ryder has a diet consisting exclusively of Elton John and David Bowie. Where he wants to be the last, but he rarely gets the former. “Space Man” sounds like someone tried to play Bowie “Starman” on top of “Rocket Man,” but not despite what makes any of the songs any good. Stupid, because Ryder has, if not extraterrestrial, a good and captivating voice.

Röyksopp and Beki Mari – «This time, this place»

VG dice show 5 points

Electronics masters in Western countries continue to surprise with acoustic options. Beki Mari has someone who may have heard the sound from a fitting smart Nouvelle Vague project. Here she helps in simple phonetic lines in something that might be confused with Saint-Étienne on a very lucky day. And the sound is still as clear as the early morning of spring. Unfortunately, there are still two months left for what the site says is not an album but an “expanded creative world and a great conceptual project”. Yeah.

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Vikings: No, there isn’t a character in any of this year’s upcoming herbal fantasy series. But Sam Ryder could certainly survive as a shampoo model if the artist’s career didn’t take off.

Ramon – “Okay I promise”

VG dice show 5 points

Ramón Andresen and his regular producer Andreas Bache-Wiig extend far beyond the Cezinando division, both in script and production with this, for some, a shocking hit. Yes, she was so free that she was in the lead Some MGP yellow wolves are popular. And now it’s topping the sales list as well. For someone to think “don’t choose me if you choose to stay” is a much more attractive text than the banana discussion that shows there is hope for all of us after all.

Ka2 and Kjartan Lauritzen – «Half stop»

VG dice show 5 points

Per Aki “Kjartan Lauritzen” Kvikne helps the more frugal duo in Bergen before moving to Balestrand and becoming a hotel owner. ‘Stop a half’ looks like a focused and less juicy version of Fjorden Baby. Full of echo and rattle that people from Bergen especially enjoyed after nightlife reopened. A little magnetic fist superfluous nachspieldumt for sensitive ears and souls. But then there was a beautiful perfect bass lane.

Swedish House Mafia and Sting “Red Light”

VG dice show two points

Sting just sold out The rights to all their music. Obviously and fortunately Swedish House Mafia couldn’t buy more than these two lines. Yes, of course, there are lines from Roxanne. Yes, we avoid the name ghoul. No, it doesn’t make it much better.

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