Prince Harry and Prince William: – Avoid the family:

Prince Harry and Prince William: – Avoid the family:

Britain’s Prince Harry, 38, has only been home a handful of times in recent years, after he packed his things and moved to California in the US.

He took his wife, Duchess Meghan, 41, and son Archie, 4, with him. After the move, a daughter, Lilibet, was born (2).

He was reprimanded

So far this year, he has visited London only a few times, including in connection with the coronation of King Charles (74). Then it took less than 28 hours before he boarded the plane back to California.

This week, he took the witness stand in the English capital, following accusations against the British press dealing with, among other things, wiretapping. This time the stay was not long either.

Prince Harry and Meghan were surprised at a basketball match in Los Angeles. Tiktok / Red Runner video
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On Tuesday and Wednesday, Harry sat in the witness box in London, in connection with a civil suit against Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) – owners of newspapers such as the Sunday Mirror, Sunday People and Daily Mirror – for wiretapping and defamation.

As he was during his visit to Britain over the coronation weekend, this time he stayed a lot shorter than he appeared to be. He also did not appear to have met any of his family members, according to the report The telegraph.

According to the British newspaper, the 38-year-old landed in California on Thursday night. This means that he left the UK at lunchtime on the same day.

Butcher Prince: - Good luck

Butcher Prince: – Good luck

He is said to have stayed at Frogmore Cottage, an hour’s drive from central London, for three nights. Located on the royal family’s estate near Windsor Castle outside London, Frogmore Cottage was a gift from the now-deceased Queen Elizabeth to the Duke and Duchess.

Frogmore: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been evicted from Frogmore Cottage.  This week, Prince Harry stayed there, perhaps for the last time.  Photo: Shutterstock/NTB

Frogmore: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been evicted from Frogmore Cottage. This week, Prince Harry stayed there, perhaps for the last time. Photo: Shutterstock/NTB
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Starting this summer, the Prince and Duchess will lose the right to live on the property – a decision King Charles is said to have already made in January, 24 hours after his son published his autobiography Spear.

Avissa also wrote that he should never have met his father or brother, Prince William (40).

Prince Harry’s much-talked-about autobiography Spear was published on January 10. During a visit to Liverpool, Prince William and Duchess Kate were asked about the book. Correspondent: Marte Nylkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV.
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They live 800 meters away from each other

At the beginning of this week, King Charles was on a visit to Romania. He did come back on Tuesday, and later that evening he was at a church service in the Marylebone area.

The next day he was at Buckingham Palace.

- That's why they were expelled

– That’s why they were expelled

William, for his part, has been in Great Britain all week, and according to The Telegraph, he and his wife Kate, 40, have carried out several royal tasks near Adelaide Cottage, which is the Prince of Wales’s husband’s main residence.

Photo: Google Maps screenshot

Photo: Google Maps screenshot
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Frogmore and Adelaide are also only about half a mile away.

Caroline Fagel, an expert on the royal house of Se og Hør, thinks this says more about the wonderful sibling relationship.

Prince William has never been away from his brother. He lives near Frogmore Cottage, and also has official missions in the local area these days. However, they did not find an opportunity to meet. She says that basically says it all.

This week, the stage was set for a royal wedding at Zahran Palace in Jordan, where Crown Prince Hussein married Rajawa. Among the slew of royals, among others, Crown Prince Haakon was in attendance, but it was the British royal couple who garnered a lot of attention afterward. Video: Anabelle Bruun / Dagbladet TV
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Being unique doesn’t help

The royal expert further explains that reconciliation between the family may be a long way off.

– It was clear that Prince Harry was at home in London with one goal in mind. It is the testimony at trial. Although he lived on the royal grounds at Frogmore Cottage, he is said to have never met either his father or his brother. Many tell me that reconciliation is still a long way off.

I've already done this

I’ve already done this

And she adds:

— at the risk of repeating myself to the point of boredom, it’s just sad. It must be remembered that these are people like you and me who had feelings for better or for worse, and could not agree with those to whom they were closest. It doesn’t help that you stand out when it comes to deeper conflicts in the family.

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