The bushfire danger has been upgraded to orange

The bushfire danger has been upgraded to orange

The bushfire warning has now been upgraded to orange.

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The danger alert has now been upgraded to orange for the whole of eastern Norway, Aktor and southern Rogaland, and the yellow alert has been extended to include the rest of western Norway south of Stadt. This was reported by the Meteorological Department Twitter.

On Thursday, a ban on open fires was introduced in the east of the fire area covering Rømerik, Follo and Østfold. It was launched in Akhtar on Friday.

Due to the dry terrain in the region, the wildfire danger is set in dark red Statesmet’s wildfire danger index. This is the highest level of coding.

The weather forecast says that there is no chance of rain in the region for the next few days. The Norwegian Meteorological Agency has predicted three full weeks without rain in eastern Norway.

Stop selling disposable grills

Coop also says they are now stopping the sale of disposable grills in certain areas. Currently, parts of eastern Norway are being talked about.

– Coop will temporarily stop selling portable grills when the local fire service assesses the risk of wildfire is too high and recommends stopping the sale of portable grills. In areas without such a recommendation, sales will continue as usual, but we encourage customers to be careful and update themselves with information from the fire service or other local authorities, says Harald Christiansen, communications manager at Coop Norge.

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