Sandnesposten, Ingunn | A harsh night – stones are placed in the tent to protect it from the wind

Sandnesposten, Ingunn |  A harsh night – stones are placed in the tent to protect it from the wind

(Sandnesposten): Maxisenteret in Sandnes opens at 10.00 on Thursday morning. Then Vinmonopolet opens the doors to its big Burgundy release.

He has been in the tent queue for 14 days with great interest. The ninth most difficult, Alfred, who doesn't want his picture and surname in the newspaper, has slept “alone” in a tent for the past week.

– It's been a week, yes, he tells Sandnesbosten's reporter on Wednesday afternoon.

The last night will be the worst

Then bad weather is going to seriously take hold in the region.

– The last day will definitely be the worst with wind and rain all night. It would be nice to finish it, says Alfred, as the wind rustles the tent fabric.

He expects the queue to be significantly longer in the evening and at night.

– I think at least 100 of us will be here during the night, maybe even a couple of hundred in the morning.

He himself is second in line, while a friend is third.

– Is this your first time doing this?

– First time in burgundy slip. I've been to some other releases, some Riesling releases, Burgundy slip and materials.

But here is the tent, it is wind. Is there a risk of tipping over like that?

– JI have placed some stones in the tent to resist the wind.

How will tomorrow be? When will the door open?

– I imagine there will be confusion. Many will gather at the door, but We've created a queuing system so we know where we are in the queue, so…

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– But how did you spend the days here in the tent?

– It's been a long time. We hung in the center. We also used the fitness center here. Got some work done on the computer and watched some series.

– Did you take a break from work to conserve alcohol?

I am on vacation in Stavanger, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to post in Santnes at the same time.

– Now there is only one cold night, is it over?

– It's a cold night, that's for sure, Alfred says, as he collects wine with a friend.

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Special pole

So it's the most exclusive of the annual releases at Winmonopolet on Thursday. The pole in the center of the town of Santnes is one of twelve special poles for wine in Norway. Twelve annual issues are available in specialty stores. Often, volumes for a product line are very limited, which means special releases are in high demand from customers who want to secure the most attractive products.

Typically there are three special releases per year for beer, three for spirits and six for wine. Thus, the pole at Sandness is very attractive these days. Two nearby specialist wine centers are in Bergen and Kristiansand respectively.

The outside sequence is managed by sequencers. On the day of the release, Bollet hands over the queue slips at nine o'clock. Thus, among those who stand in the queue, the house advocate prevails. If you ask why people queue, the answer is simple.

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– Demand is greater than supply. It's a high-quality wine of which only a few bottles are made, says shop manager Odd Jarle Nygård.

This year is extra special

This year's release is from the 2021 vintage. 2021 is a very special year, which makes this year's collection even rarer.

– There was a lot of frost in the vineyards in the spring. When it disappeared, one was attacked by several plant diseases, which in turn continued to have spiders eating the buds in the vineyards. In olden days, chemicals were used to deal with this, which is not practiced now. Also, he says, there was a long period of continuous rain, which washed away all the contact agents that were supposed to protect the grapes.

Thus, less alcohol is produced than usual.

Producers expect losses of up to 50 percent of red grapes and 60-80 percent of white grapes. Farmers themselves feared that the quality of wine would deteriorate due to the conditions. not that. It is much more than expected, he says.

Absolutely unique

Many of the wines in the store are overpriced. Abroad, those who spend the most money on wine in a year get the first right to buy from the producer when they release exclusive wines. This is not the case in Norway.

– Here it is first come first served. You won't find the selection we offer in store anywhere else. It's completely unique, he says.

There are not many actual release days in a year. Even they await February 1 with mixed feelings.

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– It's a lot of fun, and at the same time you have a little fun. There is a lot of work behind it. We are already making arrangements. There are nearly 400 product lines. Usually it's about half, he says.

– We have to have a system that works for us and the customers, and that requires a lot of work, he concludes.

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