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Styrk Vangen Lirhus på Voss

Styrk Wanken ran a business and café in his own commercial building in Lierhus Voss, inherited from his parents who ran before him.

Vangen Café has always been a popular meeting place in Voss.

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The good, old Wangen Cafe was an institution for generations of Vossingers. Styrk was liked by all and was in good form.

Who thinks about death?


One day, Styrk signed on the street outside his commercial building in Voss. He was taken to the hospital and diagnosed with a stroke.

Language is gone, and he cannot communicate with those around him.

Friends come to visit, but no family. His brother, mother and father died before him and he had no children.

Support Wanken Lirhus (number 3 from left) with family

Stirk (No. 3 from left) grew up the youngest in the family.

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Who will take up the life work of many generations?


Who is entitled to inherit when you die is established by law. Simply put, without children, cohabitants or spouses, this is the line of descent:

Parents – Siblings – Nieces and Nephews – Grandparents – Aunts and Uncles – Cousins.

Unknown Heir Styrk Vangan creates a family tree for Lyrhus

The NRK series “Unkjent arving” explores Styrk’s search for legal heirs on both his mother’s and father’s sides.

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A search was made at home and abroad for the relatives of Styrk Vanken Lirhus, but they found no one who was legally entitled to the inheritance.

So – who wants to inherit the Styrk fortune?


Like most people, Stirk was in no rush to write a will. To do that, the law requires you to express your free will about who will inherit you.

It cannot be strengthened further.

After the stroke, he is clear in the head, but unable to express what he thinks and wants.

Strengthen Wangan Lirhus after stroke

Styrk Vangan sits in a wheelchair after the Battle of Lyrhus.

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If Stirk dies in 2018, he has no heirs or will to say to whom he will pass the fortune. The value of the commercial building is inherited up to NOK 15 million.

What happens to the millionth generation?

Government takes over

Every year more and more people leave estates large and small without heirs or wills.

The total amount varies from a few million to several billion kroner annually.

Arvelova says that this money should be:

“… devoted to voluntary work for the benefit of children and youth.”

But before NGOs can draw money from this pot, they must Three The Ministry and the National Council are evaluating the matter.


First, must Ministry of Justice and Public Safety Liability for inheritance law and its wording.

Ministry of Local Government and Districts Those who were close to the deceased must assess whether they should inherit according to strict rules.

Then it is Ministry of Culture and Equality Its responsibility is to distribute funds to voluntary activities for children and youth.

They accomplish it Norwegian National Council for Children and Youth Organizations (LNU). They are among the applicants and offer between NOK 50,000 and NOK 300,000 each.

Can your company apply for inheritance money? Check it out here! (external link)

Non-hereditary status

Previously, it was a state that inherited everything, but when Arvelova was replaced in 2015, the state lost its hereditary right. Instead, money is for children and youth to go to work.

For this purpose they thought of creating their own fund. But since the amounts were so small, they didn’t want to waste the inherited money on financial management.

Thus we end up with today’s solution, where three ministries and a national assembly jointly distribute the money.

Deadline till 2028

It remains to be seen who ultimately gets Styrk’s 15 million. Rightful heirs have ten years to come forward and claim their inheritance.

If no one does it before 2028, ten years after Styrk’s death, the deadline ends. And the government distributes money.

For example, 50 companies receive NOK 300,000 from Styrk Vanken Lihrhus.

So even if Styrk couldn’t choose his successor, he would have been satisfied that his millions would benefit many thousands of children and young people.

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