Prince Harry, King Charles | King Charles has no time for Prince Harry: – He's scratching at the door

Prince Harry, King Charles |  King Charles has no time for Prince Harry: – He's scratching at the door

These days, Prince Harry (39 years old) is in London on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the Invictus Games, which the prince founded in 2014.

The prince made the trip across the pond from his home in California, where he usually lives with Duchess Meghan and their two children.

While Prince Harry was in London, he did not devote any time to meeting his father, King Charles (74 years old).

A spokesman for Prince Harry confirmed that the two will not meet, because the King is very busy.

– The Duke is of course aware that his father has a wide range of other commitments and priorities, and hopes to meet him soon, says the spokesman.

The statement sparked reactions, and the Royal House expert at Netavicin believes that this is a strategic move by Prince Harry, and an attempt to cause a stir and gain more sympathy.

-He likes to be a victim

If this were a completely normal family, you might be surprised that the father does not make time for his son. But things are very different when it comes to the British royal family, according to Tove Taliesin.

-The relationship between Charles and Harry is not good. The royal house expert says it's not as if King Charles is clearing the programme.

In recent years, the relationship between Harry and Charles has cooled, but this may not be the only reason why they are not reunited in London now.

Taliesin says the royal family's calendars and programs are often set a year or two in advance, and that it's not just Charles weaving the youngest son into the day's programme.

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The British Royal House did not comment on the Prince's visit to London, nor on the statement of Harry's spokesman. Royal House expert Netavicin believes the prince is once again playing the victim.

– Creates on the doorstep. He likes to be a victim, she says, adding that Harry lost touch with Earth long ago.

Despite the hectic schedule, Taliesin believes it is unlikely that father and son will meet outside of the royal program and have, say, a quick dinner in London.

– I don't have any confidence in that. Harry wants to be a victim and moves straight into the victim role.

The king bears no harm

Since his coronation last May, King Charles's popularity has increased dramatically among the British people.

In a recent survey from Daily Mail 56% responded that they are satisfied with the king. This is an increase from last year, when less than 49 percent answered the same.

Taliesin does not believe that the headlines of the past few days will affect the king in any way, and believes that only the prince has anything to lose from the statement.

– In Great Britain, loyalty is to the King, and now also to Camilla. They have already established a strong role, she says.

She adds that the British people still feel sorry for Prince Harry and that he will always be remembered by the photos taken at Diana's funeral when he was only twelve years old. But in recent years, this compassion has changed.

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– But when Harry repeatedly makes poor decisions and chooses to walk away from London and Great Britain, it's clear that loyalty rests with Charles.

It hasn't been that long since Prince Harry was in London, but the last time was under much more dangerous circumstances. Prince Harry rushed to Britain to meet his father after the king was diagnosed with cancer. Many British media outlets wrote that the family meeting supposedly lasted only 45 minutes before Harry left for the United States.

Last week, King Charles returned to work. According to a court statement, the king’s doctor witnessed good results from cancer treatment. It is not known what type of cancer King Charles has.

Criticism praises both ways

On Wednesday, the 39-year-old will deliver a speech during a ceremony at St Paul's Cathedral. None of Harry's family members are expected to be present, he said independent.

Although Netafesin's Royal House expert thinks it's not dramatic that the King has a busy schedule and won't meet Harry, others had a reaction. Many have taken to social media to discuss the latest developments in the family drama, and there are divided opinions.

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Piers Morgan is a known opponent of the Duke and Duchess and has been harshly critical of them on a number of occasions. This time is no exception.

– BREAKING NEWS: King Charles doesn't find time in his schedule to meet his treacherous youngest son, Morgan X.

There are several people who support the king and believe that the prince can thank himself after he made harsh accusations against his father and his stepmother Camilla in his book “Ghayar.”

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But there are also many who slay King Charles as a father figure, and some believe he always held Camilla higher than his children.

– For a 75-year-old man with cancer, he is still the same pathetic coward who betrayed Princess Diana, another wrote. XIt was previously called Twitter.

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