Roger Antonsen (1976 – 2024)

Roger Antonsen (1976 – 2024)

Roger Antonsen conveyed the joy In mathematics like a few others. He used his abilities as an enthusiast and entertainer to create meeting places between general and mathematical reasoning. Roger Antonsen (born August 31, 1976, died April 8, 2024 after a long illness).

Roger was a famous person And a committed caller. He works as an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Oslo.

Roger Antonsen was 47 years old.

Roger holds a Ph.D at the University of Oslo in 2008. The thesis has already demonstrated clear perfection, also in aesthetic aspects and the desire to present the content as best as possible. After earning his PhD, he changed his focus to spreading the joy of mathematical discoveries and patterns to a wider audience. As a lecturer, he aroused enthusiasm for the subject of logic in thousands of students. In his zeal for continuous improvement, he filmed his lectures and created an online version of his course several years before the pandemic forced the rest of us to follow suit.

Roger Antonsen was very active which disseminates popular science through hundreds of lectures in Norway and abroad, newspaper columns, books, art projects, web series and creative festivals. He imparted logic and mathematics through juggling, shoelaces, card shuffling, the Rubik's Cube, and much more. He captivated the audience with his infectious commitment and aesthetically pleasing, perfectly choreographed presentations. TEDTalks on mathematics and understanding have millions of views. He is also known as the author of the Magiske M√łnstre column in Aftenposten and through his contributions to the program “Abel's tower” on NRK radio.

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Roger will be greatly missedBoth as friend, lecturer and mediator.

Martin Giese, Einar Bruch Johnsen, Lars Tveto, and Arild Faller on behalf of colleagues and friends at the University of Oslo

This memorial speech was also published in Aftenposten.

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