February 6, 2023


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Advertisement of meat in public places is prohibited


In Haarlem, the Netherlands, a city of 160,000 people, it is now forbidden to advertise certain types of meat in public.

– We will be the first city in the Netherlands – in fact the first city in Europe and the world to ban ads for “harmful” meat in public places, says city councilman Ziggy Klaese of GroenLinks (the green left), who has put forward a proposal to contribute less to global warming.

The advertising ban applies to meat that comes from intensive farming and applies to public places such as buses, bus stops, and screens. The ban was decided by the city council in November of last year, but it is only now in effect.


The advertising ban applies to all “cheap meat from intensive farming”
According to Ziggy Klazes, the decision means that the municipality will no longer be able to make money renting public spaces in the city to market products that increase global warming. Ziggy says the ad ban includes all “cheap meat from intensive farming”.

Unexpectedly, the new decision was criticized by the Dutch meat industry, and some lawyers also questioned whether the decision infringed on free speech. Some local politicians are also critical of the ban.

Banning ads for political reasons is almost dictatorial, says Joey Rademaker, representative of the right-wing BVNL party.

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