Princess Kate receives support from cancer patient Mila (8)

Princess Kate receives support from cancer patient Mila (8)

Meet: Princess Kate and Mila Sneddon in May 2021. Image: Jane Barlow/PA Images/NTB

Kate supported Mila Sneddon during her cancer treatment. Now the eight-year-old sends greetings.

– You will be brave because I was, and you will fight it like I did, Mila says to Britain Mirror.

This came after Kate announced, on Friday evening, that she was receiving preventive treatment for cancer.

– I hope she feels better soon and I wish her a speedy recovery, says Mila.

The Scottish girl became known to the princess through a photo of her, starting in March 2020, when she was separated from her family due to the epidemic, while undergoing chemotherapy.

The photo showed Mila, who was suffering from leukemia at the time, leaning out the window and blowing a kiss to her father, Scott, who was standing outside because he was unable to make physical contact with his daughter.

Then Mila was four years old. She was declared cancer-free, in remission, two years later.

– We are very sorry

The photo was included in the Princess's photo book 'Hold Still: A Portrait of Our Nation', and in May 2021, Kate and Mila met in Edinburgh.

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Kate then wore Mila's favorite colour, pink, and Mila was given cereal by the butler when she felt hungry.

They have kept in touch ever since.

See more photos from their first meeting here:

Mila's mother, Linda Sneddon, pays tribute to Kate for the compassion, care and support the princess provided to her daughter during and after treatment.

She says Kate's statement on Friday was very emotional for them.

According to her mother, Mila is also planning to contact Kate privately, and is working on making a card for the princess.

Christmas guest: Mila reads aloud during Christmas Mass with Princess Kate at Westminster Abbey December 2021. Image: Heathcliff O'Malley/AP/NTB

Linda describes Kate as a warm and caring person. She believes Friday's announcement shows that cancer can strike anyone.

Cancer is a club that no one wants to join. Linda says: “We are very sorry to hear about her joining the club, but we fully support her and wish her all the best.”

According to her mother, Kate was so humble in her meetings with Mila and the family that they almost forgot about the princess's royal status.

– She's a mother, she's a wife, she's young, she's beautiful, she's an athlete, and now she's facing this. It shows that cancer does not discriminate and can affect anyone at any time. We wish her a speedy and peaceful recovery.

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