Nidaros completely slaughters Rosenborg after the rehearsal

Nidaros completely slaughters Rosenborg after the rehearsal

(Vikings – Rosenborg 5-0) Rosenborg suffered a humiliating defeat against the Vikings in the last match before the start of the series next Monday.

On a scale of one to ten, three was the highest score for a Trondheim newspaper Nidaros Given to the Rosenborg player after the loss in Stavanger.

“Bånn i botta” and “embarrassing” are used to summarize the performance.

“The loss in Stavanger was not just the worst of the winter. “This is one of the worst things RBK has done in a very long time.”

– It was an unacceptable performance, Erlend Dal Reitan tells Nidaros.

Vikings captain Ole Selnæs then attacked:

On Monday 1 April, Rosenborg will face Sandefjord in the opening match of the series. Although Dahl Reitan admits that the performance on the public test is very poor, he does not seem to care much about the result.

-We don't care what we lose. We realize that performance is very poor, and everyone knows it. But we'll be a firecracker in a week.

– Are you absolutely sure about that?

– Mentally, yes. We are present and we will be a firework. You will see in our eyes in Lerkendal that it is quite different, responds Reitan to Nidaros.

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Rosenborg's new coach, Fred Johansson, will be able to point out several absences for the Tronders. Eight players were selected for various national teams, including Sverre Nypan, Sander Tangvik and Haakon Rosten.

-We have to be honest. “It was a weak team,” Zlatko Trebek told Stavanger Aftenblad after training.

It is worth noting that Viking also had similar absences: Patrik Yazbek, Joe Bell, Patrik Gunnarsson, Djibril Diop and Jan-Erik de Lanley could all defend their place in the team.

– What Rosenborg showed on the field today, I don't think anyone wearing white could be familiar with. “It's a rehearsal and then they execute it,” says Røgvi Baldvinsson, an expert commentator for the Stavanger Aftenblad newspaper. The former Faroe Islands international has become famous since his time at Bryne.

On the Nidaros Stock Exchange, Rasmus Sandberg and substitute Tobias Dahl were the only ones to receive a third degree.

– It's frustrating. And he got angry. I think everyone who follows Rosenborg knows that, says Rosenborg's goalkeeper Sandberg Title.

Tobias Burkett, Edvard Tageth, Agun Sadiku and Olli Selnes all received failing grades.

“He is a far cry from being the midfield general he is supposed to be. “He hits the ball away, loses duels, makes breaks, and is most famous for crushing the Vikings’ youngsters,” Nidaros writes of former national team player Olli Selnes.

Baldvinsson was also not impressed with Selnes or Marcus Henriksen, who together have 90 caps for Norway.

– It seems that the main players in the Viking team have played many international matches. It's easy to blame the coach, but I think there are a lot of players who need to look in the mirror. Because this was simply a divisional difference, and then we would come down to two divisions, says Baldvinson.

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Viking meets Sarpsborg 08 at home on April 1.

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