Professors call for scrutiny of New York Times article about sexual violence during the October 7 Hamas attack

Professors call for scrutiny of New York Times article about sexual violence during the October 7 Hamas attack

Photograph: Mark Lenihan/AP/NTP

A serious case of sexual violence during the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7 is under criticism. Dozens of professors are calling for an independent investigation.

More than 50 college professors who teach journalism signed the New York Times' questioning letter One of the snapshots published by the newspaper about the terrorist attack launched by Hamas on Israel on October 7.

The New York Times alleged in its lawsuit that there was a “pattern of gender-based violence” in the attack. that it Washington Post Who has been granted access to the message. Read it in its entirety here.

The professors question the credibility of the sources in the case, as well as the editorial evaluations that led to the publication. At the same time, the letter emphasizes the difficulty of “writing a perfect draft of a story in real time.”

In the letter, they ask The New York Times to “immediately convene a group of journalistic experts to conduct a comprehensive and completely independent investigation of the article, the editorial and publishing process surrounding the story, and to publish the findings in a report.”

The letter was signed by professors at recognized universities such as New York University, the University of Pennsylvania, Emory, and the University of Texas.

A New York Times spokesperson said in a statement that the newspaper “has already evaluated the work done on this complex journalistic issue and is satisfied that it meets our editorial standards.”

In March, The New York Times reported that a new video “undermines” some details of its initial investigation. But the newspaper did not publish a correction or retraction of the report it published last December, according to the Washington Post.

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