Kylie Beardsell: – Found dead in a landfill

Kylie Beardsell: - Found dead in a landfill

On August 5, the family of Kylie Beardzel (27) reported her missing.

Two days later, police in Washington County said they received information that she had been murdered, according to Oregon Live.

Last week, Birdzell was found murdered in a landfill.

He now writes that her 27-year-old boyfriend is charged with premeditated murder.

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dumped in the trash

According to police, the 27-year-old was killed and thrown into a trash can at an apartment complex in Oregon.

At the beginning of the investigation, investigators searched the garbage in the apartment complex.

On August 9, they went to a landfill in Benton County, a county in Oregon, to search for the body.

Investigators have teamed up with a local waste disposal company to coordinate the search for trash from the apartment complex, police wrote in a press release.

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In the press release, police wrote that they found the 27-year-old’s remains in a landfill, and that the body was sent to an Oregon coroner for an autopsy.

There it was concluded that she had been killed. It is not yet known how she was killed.

Shortly after the body was found, Birdzell’s girlfriend was arrested. In the first place, he was accused of identity card theft and credit card misuse.

On August 10, he was also charged with premeditated murder and desecration of a corpse.

There are likely to be more charges during the investigation, the police wrote in a press release.

It is not known how the sweetheart reacts to questions of guilt.

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– broken

Friends of Kylie Birdzell’s mother set up an online fundraiser to raise money for her after her murder.

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The money will go, among other things, to legal expenses and lost income.

– Kylie’s family was devastated after such a heavy loss, they wrote GoFundMe.

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