Promises of weekly updates – ITavisen

Promises of weekly updates – ITavisen

This week, Google announced that starting with Chrome 116, there will be security updates every week.

Chrome is updated monthly, and now security updates come weekly

The new version is released for all users on Tuesday August 15th, so there aren’t many days left, but as always, remember to check for updates. manually To get the update right away.

Starting with Chrome 116, stable updates will be released every week between milestones. Changing to weekly updates allows us to ship security fixes faster, reducing the time between updates even further.

Amy Ressler, Chrome Security Team

That’s why they do it

Google explains that because the browser’s codebase is based on open source code, malicious hackers can exploit information about bug fixes and exploit browsers that haven’t been updated to fix vulnerabilities. Exploiting such errors is referred to as a holes-a-day. These updates, which now come weekly, were first bi-weekly as of 2020 and Chrome 77.

“While we can’t completely eliminate the potential for exploits a day, Chrome’s Weekly Security Update allows us to fix security bugs 3.5 days early on average. This explains Amy Ressler of the Chrome Security Team.”

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