Proposes changes in the working environment law – VG

Proposes changes in the working environment law - VG
Satisfaction: Labor Minister Hadia Tajik is pleased with the clarification of the Stendy case. He believes the outcome of the case is important for the entire Norwegian working life.

– Minister of Labor V.G.

That yesterday VG The Supreme Court rejected Stentis’ (formerly Alleris) appeal – and the maintenance workers are receiving millions of dollars in compensation from the welfare agency.

– Labor Minister Hadia Tajik VG has said that employers cannot deviate from their responsibilities by depriving workers of basic rights.

The final verdict against Stent came in June this year. Dr. Ka The Borgarting Court of Appeals upheld 22 maintenance workers, all of whom have always been employees, Although they were treated as self-employed (contractors).

Tajik says he has been following the case meticulously since it went to district court in 2019.

– I am very happy that the case has been legally clarified. In my view, they have experienced completely unacceptable situations, and he says that getting this clarification is important for the entire Norwegian working life.

Re-introducing collective compensation

The Labor Minister believes the case shows the importance of being organized and the strong unions behind it.

I September LO leaders demanded a change in the law in the wake of the Stendy case. Fellesforbund chairman Jørn Eggum said the work environment law should be changed at that time, “employees in Norway can actually be employees, which ensures a set of rules that prevent pension rights and unjustified dismissals and dismissals”.

LO TOPS: Fellesforbund leader Jørn Eggum, LO leader Peggy Hessen Følsvik and Fagforbund leader Mette Nord met before the Labor Party’s Central Committee meeting in Youngstorget in Oslo in September.

– Do you have a plan to prevent such incidents from happening again?

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– There are two things I will do. One, I propose to reintroduce the right to collective compensation, is that the first instance will be about the illegal employment of workers. Tajik says this will strengthen the unions’ prerequisites for going to court.

Joint Action Act It gives the union the right to sue for illegal employment.

Will suggest change in the new year

The Minister of Labor promises to propose changes in the Working Environment Act.

– So we clarify the employee’s opinion. We also need to make it clear that violating employer liability is unacceptable.

He adds that this is also a job Founder Team Saw – he will follow the plans coming from there next year. Tajik will speak first of the two suggestions mentioned above.

Propose change: In the new year, the Minister of Labor will propose changes in the working environment law.

“Making these changes will take better care of employees and actively operating companies so that they can strengthen their position in companies that operate in a mediocre manner and put pressure on pay and working conditions,” he says.

– When will these changes take place?

– With collective redress, I will submit a proposal to Sorting at the beginning of the new year. A proposal for this has already been sent for consultation. Other changes require a little more thorough work. But he says he will prioritize it next year.

Wrote in September Stendy agrees that VG should treat their maintenance staff as workers.

Julie Porscheving, director of communications at Stenti, said they had changed their practice.

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– The then Aleris Ungplan & POI intensified work with permanent employment in 2017/2018, and he said at the time that the main rule in the company was permanent employees.

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