Putting the crown on work – Asphalting of E6 Kroppanbrua in Trondheim begins on June 19

Putting the crown on work – Asphalting of E6 Kroppanbrua in Trondheim begins on June 19

These finishing works could not be completed in March, when the other works of the bridge were completed, due to the time of year and temperature requirements.

Duration and interval of work

Work starts on Monday, June 19 at 22:00. As of this date, works will take place on the night of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 10:00 pm and 06:00 am. It may be appropriate to work the night of Monday 26th June if required. It is estimated that the work will take about two and a half weeks.

The time estimate is given on the condition that nothing unexpected arises with respect to the works or weather conditions become unfavorable.

Narrow down one area at night

While the works are in progress, there will be a narrowing to one lane, a lane change lane and a speed reduced to 50 km/h. This is to ensure the workers working on the bridge and the traffic safety for road users. During the day it will be all-lane driving as normal, but at speeds as low as 70 km/h due to the sharp bridge joints (high edges) and unevenness in the road.

Access and queues may be reduced while business is still in the evening/night/early morning. We clarify that the bridge is open to normal traffic with three lanes in the northern direction outside working hours.

this is done

In 2021, we changed the edge and railing beams on the eastern side of Kroppan Østre. At the end of August 2022, work began on the western side of Kroppan Østre. Then we also had to close the eastern side of the Kroppan Vestre for safety reasons for both road users and workers, as well as to make room for equipment and personnel.

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By rejuvenating old bridges, their lifespan is greatly extended. If we leave bridges in disrepair, we have to build new ones. New buildings are more expensive and the economy is bad.

For the concrete works being done now, Consolvo is the contractor, while the contractor for laying the membrane and paving is NCC.

Consider those who work

Traffic went as planned and so far it has been incident-free at Kroppan Østre. It is clear that road users have understood and respected the flow of traffic.

We encourage road users to be aware of the work that needs to be done now, to follow signs, to adjust their speed and to be considerate of those who are working. You may want to plan extra time.

The safety of road users and workers is the most important thing.

Facts about bridges

Kroppan Østre (northbound) was built in 1975, as a reinforced box bridge with 11 spans. The total length is 402.5 meters, and the total width is 13.3 meters. Kroppan Vestre (south) was built in 1991 and is located parallel to Kroppan Østre. Both bridges have three lanes.

Follow the traffic information

The Swedish Road Administration encourages you to follow vegvesen.no or the Swedish Road Administration’s traffic app for up-to-date traffic information for work to be done:

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