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As reported by NRK yesterday, Utsira municipality in Rogaland is free of infection.

Many think he is the only one.

But now it turns out that there is already one more. The municipality is six times larger. which borders Sweden.

She died in Nordland.

But the overview of the FHI is that we have two cases in this municipality.

How is this related?

– I was lucky

In Hatfeldal, the infection has not been recorded within the municipal boundaries.

The municipality has registered two cases of infection, but the two people who live in the municipality were in another city in the country when they were infected.

Be good: Mayor’s chief medical officer Brett Blaunfeldt-Petersen believes that our people are adept at following the restrictions imposed, among other things, on travel to Sweden.

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In other words, Helgeland municipality is free of infection during the entire pandemic.

– It probably has a lot to do with luck, admits chief municipal doctor Brett Blaunfeldt-Petersen.

But at the same time, she is proud of the residents who have been able to follow up on requests and orders from the government.

border with sweden

Perhaps it is even more impressive that we had no infection in Hatjeldal than that Otsira remained infection-free.

Hatfeldal has a population of about 1,300 and has a long border with Sweden.

Utsera, formerly referred to as Norway’s last infection-free municipality, has a population of only 200 and is an island municipality.

We live in the area, and are reasonably isolated, says Mayor Harald Lee (SP).

Hatfeldal also has the advantage of being remote and the municipality is also not known as a tourist attraction.

Mount Hittin in Hatfeldal

Distribution: In Hatfeldal, 1,300 people live on an area of ​​2,411 km². The mayor believes that the spread of the housing pattern means they have had a minimal amount of infection.

Foto: (cc) Wikimedia Commons

But the municipality has a long border with Sweden with three border crossings.

Is it difficult to have such a long border with Sweden during the pandemic?

– They were legally closed, then traffic through the municipality was little. In addition, the area of ​​u200bu200bthe municipality is large and people are dispersed, Lee says.

In addition, he points out that there are many who have been vaccinated in the municipality.

No local corona certificate will be entered

The mayor said they got some labor immigration from the Swedish side of the border and that there are family ties on both sides of the border.

She says he has faced difficulties during the pandemic. They had to test a lot.

But also those who have traveled from the Swedish side live in pigs. He believes this means that they were not allowed to cross the border.

Harald Lee, Mayor of Hatfeldal

The request: Hattlidel Mayor Harald Lee says they have had to test a lot because many families in the municipality are scattered on both sides of the Norway-Sweden border.

Photo: Ragne B. Lysaker, Center Party

Yesterday, the government opened to View the third dose of the vaccine, NS Municipalities can provide local corona certificates.

Tromso chose to present it.

But like the rest of the municipalities in Nordland, Hattfjelldal will not offer a local corona certificate either.

– We did not take into account the local Corona testimonials. We will not have stricter measures than is necessary, says the mayor of Hatfeldal.

Then she says it to see who eventually became the last municipality in Norway without an injury.

Will it be Hathlegdal in Nordland or Otsera in Rogaland?

Which municipality do you think will be the last in Norway without an injury?

Nordland Hospital has never received more corona patients than now. The number of inpatients changes, but when NRK spoke to Nordland Hospital on Monday 8.11, there were 10 inpatients.

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