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The developers of Supermassive Games have really found their niche. starting point in bothuntil dawn“The Dark Pictures Anthology” series and the recently released series “The Quarry” are the same.

Imagine horror movies like “Scream”, “Nightmare on Elm Street”, “Halloween” and “Evil Dead”, put yourself on the record and prepare for an interactive experience.

It is your actions that determine the fate of the characters.

This concept worked very well in the cult favorite “Until Dawn.” Here, all the big horror movie clichés come down to earth in a scary and effective story full of humor.

From party to nightmare

You are introduced to a group of young leaders at a children’s summer camp in a closed quarry.

The kids are gone, but the gang has to stay one last night.

On the other hand, mysterious things happen in the forest, and soon the last summer party turns into a terrible nightmare.

The story is pushed forward by controlling the eight playable characters in separate chapters. Experience interaction consists of walking around to find clues and things you can use, as well as responding quickly when the intensity is increased a few levels.

You also have to make choices in dialogue with others, or in which direction the character should move, and this is where the game especially shines. You can use information from the past, logic, or common sense to make smart choices.

If you pick the wrong one, or don’t react fast enough, the character you’re controlling may be completely out of the story.

When the suspension arrives, at worst, the entire gang may be dead.

horny young

Supermassive Games obviously enjoyed working here.

A mixture of horrific monsters, a thrilling story with many potential ramifications and a gang of horny youths that are mostly captivating and successful.

It also helps you to find many famous names among the actors, from camp leader David Arquette to narrator Grace Zabriskie, the fearsome Lance Henriksen, the angry Mayor Ted Remy and Forest of famous faces from different TV series..

There is a great variety of different characters here, and you will get to know most of them very well. The work the developers have done to give the characters more layers and the advanced characters have a natural function in the experience.

It really hurts if some of your favorites die.

lag finish

Moreover, the chance of becoming up to eight players at the same time is very impressive. Then both of you control your character and take turns holding the hand controller.

Unfortunately, this elegant structure collapses on the extremely hectic and underdeveloped finish.

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The developers seem to have run out of time or ideas, maybe both.

However, the overall impression is very good after the disappointment finally subsided.

It’s easy to recommend “The Quarry” to big horror movie fans, especially if you have someone to share the experience with.

Note: It is currently only possible to share the experience with others on the same screen. The online collaboration is coming in an update later this summer.


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