Race at Seglfjellet: — Brought properly

Race at Seglfjellet: — Brought properly

At around 22:00 on Sunday, Ole Svendsen received a surprise when a large landslide suddenly occurred in Seglfjellet in Nordland.

He lives about a kilometer and a half from the rock face and heard the crash well.

– It really worked, says Svendsen.

Nordland newspaper noted Case first.

Swendsen went outside the house to see a cloud of dust covering a large area.

– A good amount of rock bounced off, but it stopped on the forest slope.

Serenity: How the area looked after Monday’s dust cloud. Photo: Private
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He has surveyed the area and believes the forest trail in the area is not affected.

The dust cloud subsided on Monday.

– We were at a safe distance and it wasn’t particularly dramatic.

– Comprehensive

Seglfjellet is located in the municipality of Beiarn and stretches 656 meters above sea level. Fjellsiden resembles an old Nordic sail, hence the name.

– Seglfjellet got a new sail, says Svendsen.

The landslide occurred at Seglfjellet in the municipality of Björn.  Photo: Screenshot / Google Maps

The landslide occurred at Seglfjellet in the municipality of Björn. Photo: Screenshot / Google Maps
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He was used to ringing from the mountain, and according to him, snow and ice constantly fell on the mountain face in winter. However, the incident made him take out his mobile phone to take a photo.

– Races were not as frequent as they are now.

Large and small species

Frank Movic, municipal manager of the municipality of Beyern, can confirm that there are still landslides in the area.

– The mountain face is south, so when the rock freezes, there are large and small landslides.

The municipal manager explains that there is no special emergency preparedness in their area.

– No one lives in the area or is directly threatened, says Movic.

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