Ranch participant Diana Rose reacts strongly to backbiting

Ranch participant Diana Rose reacts strongly to backbiting

On Sunday, Diana Rose (30 years old) was the first participant this fall to be evicted from “The Farm” after a historic barrel chess duel against Sebastian Eide (33 years old). This is the first time in the history of “The Farm” that a woman meets a man in a regular duel on the reality series.

Shock procedures arouse resentment

Shock procedures arouse resentment

This led to “Torpet” by Rooz. But after a day and a half on the small side farm, the 30-year-old chose of his own volition to return home to the ordinary world in the episode released on TV 2 Play last Thursday night.

“farm”: Catherine is angry, but she quickly turns the situation to her advantage. Video: TV 2
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– very angry

So Rose became the first participant to return home from registration.

– I hadn’t eaten for several hours, and I got there just as everyone there had finished eating. I just got some bread with jam. I was also suffering from lack of sleep. In the end, I just had to put my foot down and admit that this wasn’t for me, she tells Dagbladet.

- very sad

– very sad

It was very intense when senior farmer Bard Christiansen (51) chose the Skien girl as the first champion on Wednesday last week. I thought this was very unfair.

– Yes, I was very upset. Because on the day I was elected champion, I stood up and cooked for 14 people without anyone’s help. I had to swallow a hundred camels, and I also washed the dishes. “The very sad thing is that they take it for granted,” Rose says.

- Near death nine times

– Near death nine times

She continues:

– It is important that someone has control over food, because food is what moves us. You can’t do without it. That’s why I have very little time in front of the TV too, because it’s not that interesting to film someone in the kitchen cooking all the time. I wish I could have spent more time in the woods, on fishing trips etc – I was able to do a lot more of that in ‘Torpet’ than in ‘Farmen’.

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- Injured and divided into two parts

– Injured and divided into two parts

It reacts strongly

The 30-year-old has been in the house for several weeks, getting the whole experience from a distance. After watching the show on TV, there’s one thing you react to particularly strongly.

– There are a lot of participants backbiting me, and this is very sad.

SNIP, SNAP, SNOUT: Diana Rose chose to leave the small side yard on Thursday night.  Here with participant Kjell Strand.  Image: TV2

SNIP, SNAP, SNOUT: Diana Rose chose to leave the small side yard on Thursday night. Here with participant Kjell Strand. Image: TV2
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– Your backbiting?

– Yes, you see it in the end. Some didn’t really want me on the farm, but even I didn’t feel like I did anything for them. All I did was stay in the kitchen and cook. I took care of them, but there were many people who clearly didn’t feel that way.

- love at first sight

– love at first sight

The TV profile says that several girls came up to her in the time after the first champion was elected and declared that she could choose them to fight if she wanted to.

– And then they say I’m the weakest link. I was kind of flabbergasted when I saw that, because at first they kind of want to sacrifice themselves, while at the same time somehow keeping a knife hidden behind their back. For me it’s a double game.

“farm”: It will be difficult for Cornelia, as, regarding the weekly task, she will have to do something she does not want to do. Video: TV 2
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-He was shocked by backbiting

The participant, “The Farm,” confirms that she did not feel any kind of absence while she was on the farm.

– No, it’s now in the past how he appears on TV. That’s when I see that some of these girls are running a game, doing everything to stay there themselves. Since loyalty and honesty are more important than anything else in my mind. Personally, I don’t want to go beyond corpses to stay on the “farm”.

Short stay: Diana Rose has already returned home from...

Short stay: Diana Rose has already returned home from “Farmen” and “Torpet.” Photo: Lars Eivind Pons/Dagbladet
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According to Rose, several girls came up to her during the taping and said it was so good to have her there and that they wanted her to stay.

– Whereas after that they showed something completely different. The backbiting shocked me a bit, because I thought it was about a mutual friendship between the girls. It wasn’t about all the girls, it was about most of them. “I saw them as my friends,” says Diana Rose, who has no regrets about the short time she spent at Farmen Farm.

never happened: Farmmen season is coming to a close, and in the first duel of the season, Diana will face Sebastian in a game of barrel chess. Video: Red Runner/TV2.
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-I stood my ground and did what I felt was right. It’s important for me not to feel embarrassed by my actions, as I think someone else would, she tells Dagbladet.

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