Rape, Copenhagen | Police in Denmark: The director raped several female employees

Rape, Copenhagen |  Police in Denmark: The director raped several female employees

The 36-year-old manager is accused of a number of matters and must appear in court in Glostrup, a suburb of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Police believe that he, among other things, raped and sexually assaulted four women, all of whom were employed by him.

It’s Danish Berlingske Tidende who mentions the news. According to the newspaper, the director is at risk of imprisonment for several years in addition to being expelled from Denmark for good after serving his sentence in prison.

The man is not a Danish citizen.

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The case is described as serious and he must also answer a number of charges related to sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace. Several conditions must also have occurred during business hours.

According to the police, he is said to have told one of the women:

“I am the boss and I have the power. I can fire people and make sure they never get a job again. I pay you to be a whore.”

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The director denies the criminal charges against him.

According to the Danish newspaper, the accused manager was said to have also threatened two women to withdraw the reports against him. Police believe the man threatened the woman by saying he should tell her co-workers they had a sexual relationship.

As for the other woman who was threatened, he is said to have said during the rape that he would kill her if she told others about the incident.

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Three of the four women were said to have been raped, either at the company’s address in Copenhagen or at one’s own home. One of the women who was offended was said to have been touched and kissed repeatedly by the manager, during working hours, against her will.

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